Author Topic: Link collection for previous Sega Mega Drive / Genesis dumps  (Read 4292 times)


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Here's a collection of links I have posted before of dumps I had made from some carts I owned. The majority of these have already been posted on PGC at one time or another, but most were spread out over the "New Dumps" thread that is no longer used since we have specific subforums for dumps. I figured I would repost them all in one place for posterity.

Sorry if any of these are old news, I was unaware of any of these being dumped and made available publicly so if I'm duplicating something that's already been done just look over me. All of these work 100% on most all emulators and real hardware.

The Battle of Red Cliffs
Unpatched BIN
Patched version for all emulators & flash carts
Patched by Eke-Eke. Horrid beat 'em up that's an attempt to do a conversion of Capcom's Warriors of Fate aka Tenchi o Kurau 2: Sekiheki no Tatakai. The sprites, HUD, and art style make me think it was done by the same group behind Yang Warrior Family. The dump prior to this is only emulated under HazeMD & Gens32 and is in MDX format. This one is in regular BIN format and loads in pretty much anything, but goes into an infinite loop at the title screen unless you use the patched version.

Dragon Ball Z: Final Bout
Dumped already, redumped just in case of differences.

Mortal Kombat 6 28 People
Dumped already, redumped in case of differences. Play it to see how lazy some hack jobs are.

Samurai Spirits II
Dumped already but rather hard to locate.

Top Fighter 2005
Really just Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII translated from English to Chinese... I can see no other changes.

Lord of the Rings aka Lord of the Rings 3: Return of the King
Chinese Fighter III with excellent sprite edits

Monsters Inc.
Russian hack of Decap Attack with new sprites and some cutscenes

Soul Blade Super
Copy protection removed, works fine in both emulators and real hardware. Previous version I always ran into still had the copy protection present and hung at the first match.

Disney's Cars
Russian hack of Super Skidmarks, possibly title screen only hack?

Open Season
Russian hack of Rolo to the Rescue, with new sprites and some cutscenes

Ice Age
Russian hack of Awesome Possum, minimal sprite hack, new title screen and level layout changes

King of Fighters 2000
Just a title screen hack of '98


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Link collection for previous Sega Mega Drive / Genesis dumps
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Cool stuff man, much appreciated as always.  Just need a working version of Mulan now.