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R.I.P RX Community
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:47:46 PM »
Well, RX Community was shut down yesterday as BrydoRX was fed up with dealing with various issues on the forum. Now why am I making a topic about this? Well, simply this: if it wasn't for that forum, PGC Forums would have never been created to begin with. To me, this forum was like RXC's sibling. Before this, that Pirated Game Discussion forum he had was the closest thing we had for a site just dedicated to pirates (even though RXC was just a simple community forum) Even though you needed 10 posts to get in, it was pretty decent and all and we had many discussions. At one point, he mentioned to me he was a bit fed up with most people coming just for the Pirate Game Discussion forum only. By then, I knew how ZetaBoards worked (to a degree) and SpaceNinja, Indy/StriderHiryu (who has dropped from his admin position due to inactivity) and I helped created this forum. I've been a friend to him and an admin on RXC and it was sad to see the forum just disappear. Even though me and a few others created this forum, Brydo deserves much more credit than I do because he was the inspiration behind this forum.

Brydo, if you're reading this I just want to say "Thank You". I can understand you wanted to shut down the forum because it was stressing you out. If it wasn't for you and RXC though, this forum wouldn't have existed like said.

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