Author Topic: about multicarts and Street Fighter II Hacks  (Read 527 times)


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about multicarts and Street Fighter II Hacks
« on: March 13, 2017, 09:59:22 PM »
Hello everybody!

I'm back to ask you a question; see, i'm a collector of SNES, Street Fighter and bootlegs, if its the three of them, better xd. I have 4 unofficial cartridges for SNES, begin 1 multicart, 1 hack (SFII Champion edition by Twin Eagles Group) and the others are physical versions of Street Fighter EX, Tekken 2 and X-Men vs Street Fighter. After a while dedicated to other stuff i regained my atention in the 16bits scene, and i remembered a multicart i saw in a website long time ago of a dedicated street fighter II multicart, probably about SFIIWW,SFIITurbo and a hack.

Someone knows more about it?

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