Author Topic: Sachen's Less Documented Mega Duck Titles  (Read 1901 times)


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Sachen's Less Documented Mega Duck Titles
« on: September 04, 2022, 11:39:03 PM »
Not really bootleg games, but most users here have somewhat of an interest in Sachen, so I figured I'd post this. The Mega Duck is sort of infamous for having a really small game library. On wikipedia the library shown appears to be the Brick Wall by Timlex, and a whole bunch of Sachen games that all got released on the DMG and GBC Gameboys. However I was going through some scans saved on Rami's blog and noticed that there was a Sachen flyer that had games not mentioned on wikipedia. I then did a google search and got no English results on these games, so they appear to be fairly obscure. I saw a different site that had a list that included them, as well as a few other titles I did not recognize. Under the IDs columns only Hartung IDs were shown, suggesting that these might not have been released outside of Germany. Has anyone here seen these?