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Overmax OV-Gameplayer
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Aug 16 2011, 09:01:21 PM
Been a little bit busy lately so I don't have time to take tons of screenshots or anything just yet, but I got this handheld recently:
(Overmax btw are the worst for using the wrong screenshots on things, the game in the top image and obviously the one where it's connected to a TV aren't actually on here. Sometimes every single one of their promo pics and box screenshots for a console depict games from something else)

Its manufactured by Macro Winners originally, its a VT168 (I think) based handheld with "111" games - actually 96 games, 15 are repeats. Macro Winners' own page for the thing actually says "96 Games,can extension to 111 games".
so what is the point of that, Macro Winners. Jesus.

the console itself is reasonably well made and the controls are decent, it has a rubberised coating that feels a bit cheap though. and the sound from the inbuilt speaker is terrible but the only headphones that work are the included set (which, equally, are terrible) because it uses the same jack as the A/V out and it is evidently a proprietary connection.

Anyway the games are Cube Tech and Waixing's stuff mostly seen on various 16-bit MiWis, theyre split into five sections:

8 in 1 - Cube Tech sports games. Strangely the baseball game in here has the same music as the menu screen on Nanjing's Sport 6 in 1/Wow/Vii etc.

16 in 1 A - Waixing games. Lots of these are on the iSports I have but there are a few differences in some of them, Motor Storm has an intro for example & Archery is missing its awesome Ace Attorney title screen ):

16 in 1 B - More waixing games. Super X-Man is in here but it's the same as Commander from the iSports with a different title screen, it's not the one seen elsewhere with selectable characters

68 in 1 - a ton of Cube Tech games. with varying levels of quality and music stealage. This is where the 15 repeats are (seriously Macro Winners, why bother).
interestingly(?) a few of the games on Senca's Family Sports series are pretty much identical to some of the games on here, with different graphics. these plug & play developers really confuse me.. Cube Tech, Waixing, Senca, Shenzhen Niutai, Jungletac & Nice Code and god only knows how many more all have weird little connections like that going on. It seems like theres just the same few people going round all these companies sometimes.

Drum Master- 3 two-button rhythm games. On a MiWi you'd shake each Mi-mote (yes that's what they're called) instead but with buttons they're too simple really. two have poorly sampled full songs though, namely Hot Stuff & I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
here's a quick game list:

8 in 1:
1. Extreme Power Soccer
2. Bowling Master
3. VR Tennis: World Champ
4. Baseball World League
5. Table Tennis
6. Master Golf
7. TV Boxing
8. Fishing master

16 in 1 A:
1. Highway Racing
2. Tank
3. Shudu
4. Hitting Mice
5. Lawn Purge
6. Kakuro Master
7. Edacity Snakes
8. Boxes World
9. Over Speed Racing
10. Diamond
11. Archery
12. Bee Fighting
13. Fish War
14. Shooting Ballons
15. Motor Storm
16. Zuma

16 in 1 B:
1. Super X Man
2. Merry Noshery
3. Protean Girl
4. Apple Chess
5. Poker Showhand
6. Card
7. Javelin
8. Add Em Up
9. High Jump
10. Trap
11. 110 Hurdles
12. Fencing
13. Triple
14. Billiards
15. Bomber Man
16. The Mouse and the Cat

"68" in 1 (excluding repeats):
1. Maggie and Anto
2. Racehorse
3. Skateboard
4. Boxing
5. Motorboat
6. StrongMAN
7. SuperSky
8 .Master Slam
9. Maze
10. Honor and Peace
11. Monkey King
12. Squirrel
13. Sea Wolf
14. Backgammon
15. Firecracker
16. Cat
17. Ice World
18. Smart Eye
19. Rabbit
20. Precipice
21. Push Gem
22. The Car
23. Duel
24. Push Boxs
25. Pets Crossing
26. Loop Legend
27. Fancy
28. Farm Keeper
29. Apex Gun
30. Boom Blocks
31. Smart Bomber
32. ????? (untitled)
33. Last Hero
34. Harry
35. Virtual Table Soccer
36. Pro-Crack
37. Rugged Hammer
38. Hammer
39. Dogde Ball
40. Aqua Mix
41. Armored Fox
42 .Maze Ball
43. Fighting Man
44. Sky Roller
45. Boxing Match
46. Skee
47. Roll Ball
48. Sweeper
49. Shoot Hoop
50. Edacity Snakes (different one)
51. Space Ghost
52. Stone Age
53 .Quasi-Archery

also it must be said after playing it for a while even the crap stock headphones are a vast improvement over the internal speaker. Screen is good though. [/quote]i know the name for the 32nd game:Glass

i have this thing  :)
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