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Street Fighter II Character States
« on: February 13, 2011, 07:19:21 PM »
So I've been fooling around with the hex editor quite bit in FCEUX and I found where the states that the characters are.
008E - Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat II, Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 2 (Master Fighter VI'? Not dumped yet)
009B - Kart Fighter, AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting
009F - Garou Densetsu Special, Mortal Kombat II Special, Power Rangers III
00A1 - Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Street Fighter II Zero 97, Mortal Kombat 4
00A4 - Shin Samurai Spirits 2 - Haoumaru Jigoku Hen , Tekken 2, King of Fighters 96

The thing that bugs me is that Kart Fighter is supposed to be an earlier version of the MKII engine but the address is different for that one. Also the NT SFII v2 engine games have a different (although somewhat similar) address then the JY SFII v2 engine.

Oh, here's the fun part. The hexadecimals that have the states in them? They're all the same. Look at this:
00 - Stand
01 - Crouch
02 - Crouch Block
03 - Walk Forward
04 - Walk Back
05 - Block
06 - Jump Up
07 - Jump Forwards
08 - Jump Backwards
09 - Hit High
0A - Hit Low
0B - Kick (Far)
0C - Kick (Close)
0D - Special Attack 1/Low Health move (Yuu)
0E - Jump Kick (Coming Up, Upward Jump)
0F - Jump Kick (Coming Down, Upward Jump)
10 - Punch (Far)
11 - Jump Punch (Coming Up, Upward Jump)
12 - Jump Punch (Coming Down, Upward Jump)
13 - Crouch Punch
14 - Crouch Kick
15 - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Up, Upward Jump)/Super Move (SF2Z97)
16 - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Down, Upward Jump)/Special Attack 4 (Mortal Kombat 4)
17 - Special Attack 2
18 - Throw/Special Attack 4 (Samurai Spirits 2/Tekken 2)
19 - Jump Punch (Coming Up, Forward Jump)
1A - Jump Punch (Coming Down, Forward Jump)
1B - Jump Kick (Coming Up, Forward Jump)
1C - Jump Kick (Coming Down, Forward Jump)
1D - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Up, Forward Jump)
1E - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Down, Forward Jump)/Special Attack 3 (Usually projectile)
1F - Jump Punch (Coming Up, Backwards Jump)
20 - Jump Punch (Coming Down, Backwards Jump)
21 - Jump Kick (Coming Up, Backwards Jump)
22 - Jump Kick (Coming Down, Backwards Jump)
23 - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Up, Backwards Jump)
24 - Aerial Special Attack (Coming Down, Backwards Jump)
25 - Punch (Close)
26 - Bouncing off of ground
27 - ??? (Weird getting hit state)
28 - Dizzy
29 - Lose/Timer Out
2A - Win
2B - Hit while crouch blocking
2C - Hit while blocking
2D - Fall into ground
2E - Tripped

All the other ones after that are either states where the character is getting thrown or it glitches. (Although SFII and SFIV repeats these states with different sprites)
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Street Fighter II Character States
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2011, 08:41:49 PM »
nice find :D the Kart Fighter one does work in AV Girl Fighting, the demo still runs in FCEU even if the actual game doesnt. but it is interesting the way the different versions of the engine all line up, with Kart Fighter & AVGF being their own little branch and stuff. the way so many things are reused between games made at different times on seemingly different engine versions (the font from Samurai Spirits being in MK4, identical HUDs in Tekken & Street Fighter Zero 2 or SF4 & AV, stuff like that) makes me think when they were starting a new project they'd just pick and choose stuff to reuse from all their old games rather than building each one off the last.
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Street Fighter II Character States
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2011, 07:23:49 AM »
Oh yeah, I forgot AVBGF's demos still work. But yeah, that seems plausible about reusing certain things. Also something else I forgot to point out is that before the address for the character states, there's a value that checks to see if the character is on the ground or not. (01 is on ground, 00 is in the iar) Not entirely interesting but it does appear before all the character state values in every game.
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