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Action Handball
« on: December 03, 2021, 10:24:57 AM »
Here is my new killer app hacked by me.

here is also an Headline about it:

A port of the Predecessor of the well recieved British Multiplayer Game Speedball 2 made by a Japanese Software Lab, would be a weird take on a Special Game, thy Name is Klash Ball. That Name-Censored version of Speedball was one of Publisher SOFEL's Killer App. Only on the NES to live up the Amiga goodness would be considered: "Future in your Face", But that Port named Klashball was unfortunately a bargain bin victim, due to the censored name, as Sofel was paranoid about the Effects with distinguishing the game with a drug, because Speedball is a Slang for a Drug Mixture in the US. Heck, even the Fans weren't too impressed by that Port, even though it was reviewed okayish by some magazines. Seeing this Technically good, but unpopular port of a Superior PC Game, Satervest Entertainment (not Satervest Company, because they are heavily different, despite sharing the same CEO.) immediatly went happily ballistic to find some sort of simplified app of the game, however they were not satisfied by the fate of the original. Speedball, the game itself, is a special game, that is incredibly popular in Europe and then as that Port faced a severe lack of popularity, it could be, that Klashball would be one of the Victims in the "Bad ports of Awesome Games" Collection, which is for Satervest Entertainment the most unacceptable problem, more than any other issue. So, in defense of Speedball's official Legacy and loyalty, Satervest Entertainment renamed Klashball to Action Handball, renamed every team member, especially the 3 Protagonist teams based on C64, Anime and History Whizz, made the Ingame look like the C64 Port and left the Bitmap Brothers and ImageWorks Logo intact to Glorify and give credit to these two Companies.
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