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Viewing VT369 sprites


DreamGear Fan:
For those who wonders what VT369 sprites looks like, then i might be able to help. I will show you how you can view VT369 sprites.

So, you are going to need to download YY-CHR.NET that is downloadable below. Along with a VT369-type rom. Then, you load the rom into YY-CHR. Once you loaded it up. Go to Format and change it to 8BPP SNES MODE7. Once you done that, you would be able to see the sprites of a VT369 game. Bad News is that i don't know how to get the palettes into YY-CHR. So you kinda going to be stuck the those weird
colors   ???

Download link for YY-CHR is down below along an example of a VT369 being viewed in YY-CHR.


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