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Making a VT02 Table Soccer Game


kelvin donna:
hello people,

i am attempting to make the first ever nes Table soccer game with teams, based upon the Cubetac thing.
The first thing i did, is the conversion to VT02, which is done via the NintendulatorNRS itself, this also cuts out the PCM Sounds.
Second of all, i added a plenty of interesting teams into the game, such as: Japan, Konoha (from Naruto), the Ancient Egyptians, etc...
Putting the made up Teams really took me a huge Effort.
My struggle with this game is, that it can't work on standard nes, since the Mapper is severely high and sophisticated.
i'd presume, that some stuff inside the file cause those issues.
In the Attachments is the Game itself with all the Changes.
I would Appreciate a nice Teamwork from you, since i already took care of the Conversion and the Extras.

We Can Do It!


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