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The predecessor of Yanshan Software was the computer room of Fuzhou Power Equipment Factory, an enterprise run by Fuzhou 16th Middle School (now Fuzhou Vocational Technical School of Tourism). In October 1985, Fu Zan, a teacher of Fuzhou No. 16 Middle School who was also a technician in the computer room, applied to the school to establish a computer service department after successfully developing the music editing and performance software "Fuju" to undertake software development services. With the consent of the school, the service department quickly expanded its business, and the company Yanshan Software Technical Service Center was established. The business location was set up in the small room on the left side of the school gate. Yanshan Mountain is named after the "Yantai Mountain", a small hill near Fuzhou No. 16 Middle School. In the first two years, the company's business was developing software and selling computer hardware. Yanshan was one of the earliest companies engaged in Hanka business in China. In 1987, the country reorganized various "central" enterprises, and the Yanshan Software Technical Service Center was renamed as the "Yanshan Software Technical Service Department." In 1988, Fu Zan decided to turn the company's business into games, specializing in Atari 2600 games. He The "River Raid" was extracted using self-made tools and the game was remade. Then the digital Atari was combined into a "TV Game Program Comprehensive Card". The hot sale of "Integrated Card" made the company's annual turnover From 110,000 yuan to 1.19 million yuan. In the same period, Yanshan began to act as an agent for FC game consoles and cassettes. In the same year, Fu Zan began to contribute Nintendo game guides in the magazine "Household Appliances". The column "Secrets of Tackling Key Problems" was opened in the name of "Teaching Key Secrets." In 1991, a collection of strategies and articles was published "TV Game Easy". In 1989, Fu Zan reproduced "Battle of Tanks" and launched the Yanshan version of "Battle of Tanks", such as "Tank 7", "Tank 14", "Tank 28", "89 Tank" and "90 Tank". Among them, "90 Tank" was the most popular version in mainland China at that time. With the huge sales of "Tank War", the annual turnover doubled to 2 million, the company's staff increased from 3 to 16 people, and a store was opened 5 or 60 meters away from the school. In 1991, Yanshan launched "Missile Tank" and produced three Chinese-style games, and sold the master tape to a Taiwanese company, becoming the first company to enter overseas. In 1993, Fu Zan remade "Contra" and launched "93 Super Soul". It was once regarded as the source of "Contra"'s "Underwater Eight Levels", but it was not. Due to the success of Yanshan, a large number of copycat game companies have appeared in Fuzhou, and Yanshan's works have been pirated in large numbers, resulting in declining profits. At the same time, since 1986, Fuzhou 16th Middle School has been transformed into a tourism vocational technical school. Fu Zan was also asked by the school to devote his energy to the establishment and teaching of computer courses. Therefore, after 1993, Yanshan's game development business was also suspended. Up. After the closure of Yanshan, Fu Zan and some employees established Shuangxianbei Computer Company, and Fu Zan concurrently served as the senior consultant and director system of Alien Technology.