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Does anyone here know how to buy Indonesian goods?


I am not sure which board to post this in, so I'll post it here

I was browsing around the various Indonesian shopping websites (tokopedia, bukalapak, etc.) trying to see if my suspicions were right that English-language unlicensed/bootleg games were primarily made for the South East Asian market. I was able to find the "New Game Color Advance" game Digimon Emerald, as well as the English translation of Telefang 2 Power (Pokemon Ruby). These both seem to suggest that my suspicion was correct. There is just one problem...Digimon Emerald is a really rare GBC game, and now I was able to find it on the website that I cannot seem to purchase from. Is anyone here able to buy Indonesian goods? If so, would you like to purchase the copy of Digimon Emerald I saw, or help me purchase it? The game is quite rare, only screenshots of the cartridge have surfaced, not a frame of gameplay footage

Edit: I got some suggestions, and will be sure to post if any of them pan out. Also, I noticed that a relatively new site called "Indoboxasia" popped up, and it seems kinda promising


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