Author Topic: What are the worst videogame consoles ever in your opinion?  (Read 503 times)


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Here's my Top 3:

Sega Nomad - An excuse for Sega making their own portable game console, in case anyone wanted to play their Mega Drive games on the go. It was a fail because it was bulky as hell and it ate batteries like a physical Pacman, to the point 6 AAs are devoured around TWO HOURS. Sega even went through the trouble of making their own rechargeable battery so you'd not have to worry with it but it was hard to find. It also failed to compete with the competitors, as the first Playstation was already at the time.

Ouya - Another portable crash. Running on Android platform. Basically if you want to play Angry Birds on the big screen, you can. Oh, and the Playstation got that one too, since mobile gaming and actual gaming aren't the same. That's all, folks.

Zeebo - This piece of shit is a brazilian overglorified mobile phone. Yeah, but not one of those fast and addictive iPhone or Androids we have nowadays, I'm saying that it's tech was similar to one of these button Nokias you used to own back in the day. It was distribuited in Brazil and Mexico by Tectoy, as something targeted for the poorer kids. It failed to compete with the Playstation 2 at the time, due to its lackluster technology and also because while on one hand the Playstation itself was expensive we (I'm Brazilian, BTW) used to get them really cheap contrabanded from Paraguay and also we could download game ISOs on the internet to then burn them onto our DVDs so in the end Tectoy ended up remarketing it as an "educational" toy to in the end that thing fortunately closed it's door to never be heard of again. THE END.

Conclusion: Sony wins, FATALITY. Flawless victory. :P