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Game Sporz Wireless Ping Pong debugging


Recently, a long-awaited plug & play ROM was dumped - the Game Sporz Wireless Ping Pong system. This is one of few consoles to feature the Cube Technology VT03 hacks, including the Pac-Man hack "Eat Bean". While it will eventually be added to MAME, it doesn't seem to work in Nintendulator - I tried dozens of iNES header settings to no avail.

Looking in the CHR, I noticed something odd - following the Ping Pong game, there's a row of four unused games. One is a VT03 Nice Code thing - seen it before, forgot the name, too lazy to figure it out. The other three are hacks of Exerion, Lode Runner, and Star Gate. The weird thing is, they're actually VT02 (standard NES) graphics, converted to the VT03 format without any enhancements (they might have VT03 title screens? I can't tell). The former two seem to be identical to Inventor's Overlord and Deflower hacks, respectively; the Star Gate hack is similar to Power Joy's Atomic Blast hack, but some of the sprites are a bit different. Unfortunately, that's as far as I can test until I can figure out how to emulate the damn thing, but I figured I should document it here regardless.

Download attached of a VT02 conversion of the Star Gate hack.

kelvin donna:
that is nice, could you maybe seperate the vt03 games please?

It appears Nintendulator was updated to support the Game Sporz (it now works under mapper 256.1). From here, I was able to *kind of* get the unused games running. The graphics do not work even close to properly, so I presume they're intended for a different format/mapper/whatever. However, the PRG runs fine, and also shows that these are in fact VT03 games, even if they're lazy VT02 conversions. Here are the still-broken downloads for all four, plus the iNES-headered Game Sporz ROM.


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