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Puzzle Puyo (Hexa Hack)


A Clone of Sega / Compile's "Columns / Puyo Puyo"?

Download Link! : http://mediafire.com/file/mbcrosp7gybr8rt/Puzzle_Puyo_%2528Hexa_Hack%2529.zip/file

kelvin donna:
wow. that is not bad.
make more hacks and/or join the Nes hacks club right here:

Addicting as hell, but... 352 is the best I can do :'(

kelvin donna:

--- Quote from: MWK on May 23, 2020, 09:51:03 AM ---Addicting as hell

--- End quote ---
and so is the original and my hack  ;)

And Magic Jewerly, too. (Ok that isn't a hack of this game but it's a columns clone so technically it does count lol)


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