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In your account setting, you can set ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo.

ICQ has been sold to russians.

AIM is dead.

Yahoo is no longer supported.

And MSN... 2014 Anyone?

Why not replace these 4 with more updated systems, such as... Discord? Whatsapp? Instagram? Or Twitter? I don't have social media myself, but that would certainly help us be in touch more easily than we would using non-existant systems.

I could probably look into this and swap them out with other fields. The only thing is even though setting your Discord ID would be a good idea, I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to make a proper link involving it. I don't recall if it's possible to have a friend request link through Discord like you can for server invites.

You're right... But that isn't an excuse for having links to services that are dead.


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