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Retro Arcade Machine X debugging

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I was going to post this on The Cutting Room Floor, but they're closed for renovations right now, so I'm putting it here before I inevitably lose it...

The dreamGEAR Retro Arcade Machine X was just dumped in MAME. Its a VT368 system, so it likely won't be emulated for a while. Its one of the ones with these fancy ROM hacks (albeit at regular NES resolution): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl-esKKJ73M

For whatever reason, the entirety of the My Arcade Retro Machine (the predecessor to this console) is in the data, from address 02000000 to 02800000. However, two bytes were altered, making it only load F-22 instead. With the data extracted, at addresses 08000C-08000D, replacing 81 and E7 with C9 and EB will allow the menu to run. Roughly 150 games present here are unused and inaccessible in the main 300-in-1 menu.

Additionally, I can find data for several of the VT368 games which didn't appear on this system, including the Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man hacks. Its amusing seeing countless bootleg strings of "NAMCO" from the only company who currently sells their classic games officially...and also extremely sad...

Download attached of the extracted 200-in-1 (w/ the two bytes replaced), in case anyone wants to analyze it, as well as pictures of Pac-text strings.

Here is another unused game from the Retro Arcade Machine X - VT03 Triple. Which is the same as the already dumped VT03 Bubbles, but believe it or not, the controls are actually tolerable now! The menu graphics are slightly glitchy, which means the mapper number is probably wrong. I guess bootleg Cinnamoroll Tetris was too risky for My Arcade/the other manufacturers?

(and before a certain someone asks, i have no updates on ripping/"fixing" anything else. i just got lucky when copying random code here)

kelvin donna:
i have found a Extremely unused game in this device's Rom - Xtreme Robot (Cube Tech's VT03 Hack of Thexder).
Here is the Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5q3YQUQ4Bo (Timemark: 17:40-19:25)
It hasn't even been used in the Previous Models AFAIK.
i ripped it straight from the Dreamgear300.bin and it doesn't work.
i wonder if someone could make this game functional.

You're unbanned!?

Anyways, how'd find that?

kelvin donna:

--- Quote from: guyzis on May 11, 2020, 12:37:18 PM ---You're unbanned!?

Anyways, how'd find that?

--- End quote ---
as it turns out, i was only for 2 weeks banned, kinda like a Rehab thing, rather than a punishment grounding.
Anyway, i downloaded the Rom, opened it up in yy-chr and found this thing.


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