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idea for a new forum board

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kelvin donna:
hello people,

since i came across this ultra twisted board on the Kippykip Forums:  (EYE DAMAGE WARNING)

i have an idea for such a same thing on this website.
if this idea will be actualized, here will be the following details:

Name of the Board: "Post Heck House of Dreadful Terror"
Site Design: kinda like Sh├Ądman's Website.

what do you think?

You should probably put an epilepsy warning next to that link to that forum.

Also, are you suggesting making a new section of PGC/BGC, or a new forum altogether?

kelvin donna:
warning fixed

nah, this is just a new section.

What would make this section distinct from the discussion center? Also, why would this section look different from the rest of PGC, and even have its own theme song? The only time I can remember PGC having a section that looked different from the rest of the site was the Blogspot.

kelvin donna:
very simple.

the kippykip version does this.
this section should contain reprehensible content, such as Hentai stuff


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