Author Topic: "全彩中文" Cartridges  (Read 153 times)


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"全彩中文" Cartridges
« on: December 28, 2019, 09:57:07 PM »
Recently I saw a copy of my favorite unlicensed game, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, on Ruten in one of those cartridges that have the characters "全彩中文" (Full Color Chinese) on the side. (See this thread if you have never heard of these I was using a shipping agent to buy from Ruten because I do not live in Taiwan, and the agent notified me that the seller ran out the Chinese version of the game but could send me a Japanese copy. Since there is no Japanese version of this game I was a bit confused but went ahead with the purchase. I asked for a screenshot of the game but was told that because the game was going to be shipped straight from the manufacturer that I would not be able to see one. Due to how long ago cartridges that have the "全彩中文" label popped up I was under the impression that these stopped being produced a while ago.

Anyways, the game came in a pretty looking cartridge with a holographic sticker. The text is in simplified Chinese as opposed to traditional Chinese or Japanese. It does not display a custom logo upon booting up. I'll leave a picture of the cartridge as well as a gameplay screenshot of it. (The "全彩中文" version is on the left in both pictures).

Anyways let me know if you have had any experiences with these sorts of cartridges, or know when they started showing up.