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Text hacking in SNT's games


Can someone please tell me what kind of encoding do Nanjing games use? I've figured how to hack their texts, but the trouble comes when it's actually putting the text in-game, because i can not figure out how to search for them. Also recommend a font for actually viewing the texts themselves. Is this game-specific? 'Cause i wanna hack NJ018 (Sanguozhi- Caocao Zhuan).

I don't think double-posting is a problem, as long as there's a dividing time difference between the two posts, right? So, basically i found out more: text in bootleg games tend to be stored in Macintosh format (2-bits), with chinese characters in some other format i haven't discovered yet (surely it's 4-bit). My hypothesis is that i should open YY-CHR and then assign each character a hex-code. Since two characters occupy the same space as they're overlayed, the top layer of the first character should be redrawn to say, like, "0101", the bottom layer, "0102", the second character, "0201" and "0202", and so on etc. Althrough my method currently goes untested.


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