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Mario 3 Around the World review
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Story 5/5

Even for a bootleg, this one's got an interesting plot! Wario used his newest "cloudy" invention to uh... the game never explains. Perhaps it's a spaceship he used to bust inside the Mushroom Kingdom's castle. Then, Wario kidnaps the princess! (Isn't that Bowser's duty?) Mario has no idea where Wario hid the princess, so tells Toad he will explore all over the world looking for Princess Toadstool; (Spoiler: Wario never appears! He only is mentioned.) and finds her. The end.

Graphics 1.1/5

Stolen. Bah. Consult the wiki to know where's that stolen from. Art styles clash (like the Mario from Mario & Wario with stage graphics from Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World), and they (BMB) didn't even bother knowing what they're stealing. For example, the game over screen is a pic called DeadMario. It's impossible to believe that they were googling for pics and saying, "Hey, a pic of Piranha Plants munching Mario! Perfect.". Uh. I only gave points because of the little Christmas-themed koopas in the snowy stages.

Gameplay 2.5/5

Solid, brilliant level design, and shitty gameplay. Level design is actually pretty real considering the actual Mario levels, almost seems like an actual game. Gameplay? Mario has a weird momentum thingy going on, what is this? A port to the genesis of Yong Yong's engine? Eugh. No. Most of BMB's games are like this, but with momentum removed. Also doesn't feel like a Mario game, because:

1.Mario doesn't grow when he picks Mushrooms, he's in a fixed size.
2.Mario also doesn't change colors when he picks Fire Flowers.
3.Speaking of Fire, Fire Flower's fireballs fly in an almost straight line (it's somewhat diagonal, i don't know how to explain.) instead of bobbling up and down across the ground.

Control: 5/5

Had no problems controlling Mario, it's just that poor gameplay that prevents me from fulfilling my real intentions (clearing the stage).

Music: 2.5/5

Stolen, unfitting, and catchy. It's taken from somewhere else (consult the wiki), it doesn't fit the place since tracks are randomized, and the music is good. Varies from SMB's main theme to rock'n roll. Yeah.

Rate: 4.3/5

Pretty strong, even for a bootleg. Feels like a real game, despite that gameplay, and is worth checking out! give it a shot. But wait, where does that 3 in the title come from? Wait a minute...

1. Super Mario World/Super Mario Bros (Squirrel King hack)
2. Super Mario 2
3. Mario 3 Around the World
4. Mario 4 A Space Odyssey
5. ???
6. Sonic Jam 6
7-63. ???
64. Super Mario World 64