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Question regarding necroposting


Necroposting is the act of reviving dead threads by posting on them since they're pretty old. Now this forum (and a couple others) prevent this with the message that you can't post on topics that are 120 days or more old. Now what do forums in general have against necroposting? I mean, sometimes you have something important to say.

Necroposting isn't a problem here as long as the post in question is at least relevant and is actually adding something to the topic. I've taken off the warning when you're about to reply to an old topic.

I spoke to a friend of mine and according to him, people can sometimes necropost so they can troll each other without mods knowing, cause it's hidden, and old. To me this seems plausible. As for the warning, you didn't get my point. My point is: why is necroposting a problem? Why put a warning?

I should probably clarify especially since I've just made this mistake; necroposting simply does not refer to bumping old topics but bumping them with irrelevant or spammy posts. Bumping an old topic with actual knowledge or something worth discussing is fine.

The problem with necroposting lies in the fact that not only do the posts not add anything to the discussion, it tends to shift an irrelevant (and sometimes finished) topic back to the first page. This in turn can make people read said topic only to find someone posted something completely useless. Just a simple annoyance? Sure, but an annoyance and a mess on the first page of a board nonetheless.

Okay, thanks. Then there's the troll thing, but with your posts and my posts i think it should be fine now. Thanks for explanation.


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