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Unused stuff found in Hummer Team's Yu Yu Hakusho port


While opening Yu Yu Hakusho Final in YYCHR i found a bunch of unused stuff. Unfortunately i can't remember, but here's what i found:

-Big character portraits. This game only uses the portraits for Yusuke, Raizen, Kurama and Hiei in the char select screen, but i found the other ones in the rom.

-Cutscenes: as far as i know, this game only has the following cutscene images:

1.One with Sensui and Itsuki.
2.Another one that has Sensui and Itsuki, but this one is when Sensui has been defeated and he's going to be taken away.
3.One of Yusuke and Raizen.
4.The ending one, with all caps "THE END".

I found this unused:

1) One that in the original game was supposed to come before the ending scene, with the cast happy celebrating the foes' defeat.

2) Another with Hiei and his sister.

3) Yet another one with Hiei and Mukuro.

4) One of Kurama and Yomi.


I think that's all i've found. Can't remember. I think i found english on the chinese roms, as well as  a bunch of repeated chr tiles (that means they're stored more than once). More stuff can be found on TCRF, but that we already know.

Even MORE! In the english version, i found text for these unused cutscenes. There might be a way to activate'em, if not then maybe someone can program'em into the game. There might be corresponding text for the chinese version, albeit i didn't find graphics for the text of these.


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