Author Topic: Favorite/Worst NES games  (Read 1651 times)


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Favorite/Worst NES games
« on: September 26, 2010, 07:54:34 PM »
Pretty much post your favorite and worst NES/Famicom games here. However, do NOT post something that everyone knows and is bound to agree on (Action 52 being worst, SMB3 being best, etc.) Also no pirates here either.


Gimmick!/Mr. Gimmick - Good graphics, beautiful music, awesome gameplay...honestly one of my all time favorites.

Joy Mech Fight - Probably THE best fighting game for the Famicom/NES. This is a game I honestly want to see remaked or getting a sequel.

Spelunker - This game I feel like is one of the most underrated NES games. Pretty challenging but yet, addicting.

Armadillo - Also known as Super Mario Bros. IV or Rock Roll 3M, a pretty cool platformer that makes you switch back and forth between 2 forms. (Normal and ball)

Takeshi No Chousenjou - I like this game for the novelty value but it's pretty crap overall. It's not hard dying here or screwing up really bad. (The karaoke part is annoying)

Castelian/Kyoro Chan Land - Not THE worst but it should have done better as a port from the Commodore 64 version. The music doesn't sound as cool and the bonus screens aren't as fun. They also didn't take much advantage of the new stuff like the fact there is more buttons on the controller.

Winter Games - Another computer classic that got butchered on the NES. Heck, the Atari versions did even better! (My dad ported the 7800 version just throwing that out there) The NES version only has 4 selections which is even less then the 2600's and the controls are horrid on it.

Transformers: Convoy No Nazo - You're just bound to die everywhere in this game and with the bullets going right over the enemies, that doesn't really help. It's weird how a huge robot can easily explode from a bullet. The music is a bit addicting though.

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Favorite/Worst NES games
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2010, 02:17:20 PM »
Galaga - One of my favourite arcade games ported to the NES, therefore it's bound to be awesome to me. :)

Super Spy Hunter - A rather underrated NES game in my opinion, kind of like the original Spy Hunter injected with Sunsoft awesomeness in some respects.

Rygar - One of the few adventure style games I've ever had the patience to play through, mainly because most of it is platformer style. A favourite of mine because it's well designed and takes a while, but not too long (for my patience, at least) to beat.

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends - Terrible audiovisuals, slippery controls, needlessly annoying gameplay and badly designed levels make this a game to avoid at all costs.

Exed Exes - Technically a Famicom game, but still pretty awful with some of the most off-key music, bland graphics and boring gameplay I've ever experienced on the system. And the unlimited continues make it way too easy.

Front Line - Again, a rather boring game with awkward aim, bad hit detection, almost no music, bland graphics and only one level that loops over and over again.

Hokuto no Ken - Awful beat 'em up with a confusing design, (some people haven't even figured out how to go through the doors, for one) an unfair difficulty from the first boss onwards (seems to be complete luck as to whether you beat him or not, and the enemies in the second level are simply too tough) and mediocre audiovisuals.


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Favorite/Worst NES games
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2010, 11:04:07 AM »

Battle City - Tank 1990, maybe?
Conflict - may become boring after time, but still a cool Panzer General clone. Considering that NES is not really into strategy games?
Genghis Khan 2 - oh, didn't I say that this game was on NES too? Liked it on MD, kinda liked it on NES.
Elite - awesome port of an awesome game, yet I have to learn a lot there.
Addams Family - shoddy coding. Sunsoft's version had better music. Still, for a Dizzy-type adventure game, it's more than fine overall.
Goonies - well, that's the first generation NES at it's best. Awesome soundtrack and lotsa underground passages.
Dizzy the Adventurer - well, nothing else to say. It's Dizzy! Also: gorgeous musak.
Felix the Cat - not into platformers since most of them tend to be a clone of each other, but this is one of few exceptions. The atmosphere is beautiful. Same for the powerup system. Have absolutely no idea how Hudson pulled such a weird yet charming sounding out of 20A3...
Gimmick! - that makes Kirby's Adventures partially obsolete. Only complaint: DAMN HOW DO I HOP ON THOSE STARS?!
Summer Carnival '92 - Recca - I still need to say WHY?


Lots of pointless first-gen SHMUPs.
Darkman - no, get me right, it's not bad, it has pretty great audiovisuals, as well as level design, BUT the physics are the only reason I don't play it anymore.
Front Line - OMG MY LEGS ARE TANGL'D! Well, that's first-gen at it's WORST.
Zippy Race - again, you're a pedestrain and they are... TANKS. Like in F1 Race, which was plain unfair too. Repetitive music on chasecam sections finishes it.
Super Arabian - oh! ma! godness! Educational arcade game. With such physics, I'd rather go play Magic Carpet 1001.
And maybe many other games I just forgot. :somari:
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Favorite/Worst NES games
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2011, 12:47:42 PM »
Favourite NES Games (in release order):

Mendel Palace- It's a pretty good arcade-action tile-flippin' game done by Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri. I've beaten this one 5 times if I'm correct.

Super Spy Hunter- One of the more harder to beat shoot 'em up games for the NES, and I thought Sunsoft did a pretty good job on this title. I've beaten this 8 or 10 times if I'm not mistaken.

Bomberman 2- If you ask me, I find this variant of Bomberman more user-friendly than the original.

Fire 'N Ice- Also known as Solomon's Key 2. I'm a big fan of logic puzzles, and this one's no exception. Another hard to find NES title I happen to own.

Bubble Bobble Part 2- Possibly my most expensive NES purchase as of late. If you liked the old Bubble Bobble, give the enhanced sequel a play.

Wario's Woods- I like this one better than the SNES version. I always tend to play Round Game Mode B in the NES version, due to boss battles.

I don't like to say it, but I never really spited too many games (including Deadly Towers).  :P
I did find Ring King rather cheesy and hard in my opinion.