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Fire Emblem 3 by WaI Xing review.
« on: September 27, 2019, 04:34:39 PM »
Wai Xing is a developer that for me has negative reputation: and i am correct, since their games are not very good. I think everyone here knows the failure that Pokémon Red was (Wai Xing's, not the official game of same name). So! Let's see what other stuff they have.

The people of Wai Xing have made a Fire Emblem game. A while ago i requested that and it's title hack to be dumped, go there and take a look. Is this good? Let's begin with...

Sound: 2/10

Sound. Sound effects are non-existant, 0/5 for them. As for music, i think they've done a lazy job. Reusing music from that Zelda game Wai Xing did. And it works the same way: the game plays which music it feels like it. And there's not many tracks, so the game will keep cycling around what, some 7 tunes? And they're not good either. I give 2/5 because there IS music, it's more than one tune, and it's not earrape. I might be harsh, but man, take a look at it. Oh, and one of the tunes' sound channels is crazy.

Graphics: 5/10

WOOOW. It's strange... like, it's using map sprites from Breath of Fire II, but it uses portraits from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and battle sprites from Fire Emblem - Thracia 776. This game is a port of Genealogy of the Holy War, so it should use sprites from THERE, not from other sources! And consistency is not this game's thingy: your unit's battle sprites sometimes magically change palette and sprite, battle fields are random, so if on the map you're in a castle, the battle may appear to take place in a forest or a city, map sprites not matching battle sprites (either in gender or color), map sprites for a specific character changing palette and color. Oh, and the reused assets are bombing. Like, you'll probably see the same map, sprite or music OVER and OVER. Fortunately, i couldn't finish this because of a game-breaking glitch. More on that later.

Control: 9/10

Difficult to rate an RPG by it's control. I mean, you're never doing any complex tasks, you're just there, moving through menus, walking around, talking to people, that kind of stuff. Unfortunately this game lacks a cancel button, so if you want to quit menus, instead of pressing b, you have to finish operations in that menu so you can quit. That prevented it from getting a full 10.

Story: 0/10

Difficult once again. This lacks it's own story, it's just the plot from the original game. So no originality points. And it doesn't even follow the events well. It skips events, alters the order of them, it's just a mish-mash plot that in the end is very difficult to digest. And since i don't read chinese, i say that by what's being illustrated on-screen.

Gameplay 6/10

Where do i begin? Well, the Fire Emblem games are SRPG's: Strategy Role-playing Games. This one is actually just a top down RPG, not a SRPG one. And it's not even a good one. Basically, the game is divided into chapters, each one with many castles. At the beginning of a chapter, you choose a castle. Then you must kill EVERYONE there (except friendly NPCs, which are few). Then you get to the boss. You kill the boss, which will unlock a castle, so you can do the same thing. Now let's get to the menus: in the main, there's to options: Unit and Save. The last one is self-explanatory, let's go on Unit. You're stuck with 3 units. This menu shows their name, face, HP, MP, EXP (it just shows how much they have, since for level ups you always need 100 EXP) and equipment. Then you have two options: Swap and Item. Swap allows you to swap their order, since this game is Pokémon-like (more on that later). Item allows you to choose a character. Then you get on another sub-menu: you're on your characters item menu. It shows face, HP, MP, EXP, Attack, Defense, Agility. You can view there what magics they have despite magic being battle only, use on the character an item, or equip a weapon. Now when you equip something, they can't take it off, only swap with something else. Below the lists it shows what the item/equip/magic does. Each character has their own equip weapons. Now, you only get items when you kill foes, you only learn magic by level ups, and you only earn weapons by cutscenes. Onto the battles. Characters are summoned in the order they're at the menu. Each team has 3 characters or less (but the player is stuck with 3). When a villain dies, the character that killed the villain gets EXP. Also, unlike Fire Emblem, deaths here are temporary. In-battle you can do the following: Attack, Defend, Magic, Item, and Run. Battles are so easy that you don't need to flee. Defend is useless, since the enemies always use attack, and Defend does nothing other than making you skip a turn. Very Pokémon-like, very few Fire Emblem-like. Never use Magic, since when your MP is low you can't Attack. Offensive Magic tends to miss and most Magics are useless. As far as i know enemy levels can only go up to 25, but i grinded to level 45 so i could 1-hit kill'em. That's also not very useful since the enemies always seem to attack first. If you have a boasted Agility stat the villain will miss, since villain hits are very rare,  player misses are very rare also. Most weapons are useless because of their low stats. I couldn't go very far in the game because of a game breaking bug that makes the game soft-lock. I tried resetting and then loading my file, just to get stuck in a black screen. This game also has two versions with different menu and title designs. Aside from that the only difference is the speed of the fade in-out effect.

Rate: 3,5/5

This game is not very good, i've seen better. A user from this forum said it looked like something out of Mars productions, but that's unlikely since it differs from Mars stuff. I answered him that gameplay wise this looks more Shenzhen Nanjing-ish.


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Re: Fire Emblem 3 by WaI Xing review.
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2019, 01:18:02 AM »
I should add that once you reach level 50 or so, if you upgrade your party when all of them have their stats maxed out (ie 255 points), the game will crash when you return to overworld map. This happens on both dumps. Seems Waixing didn't bother to test the game before releasing it.


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Re: Fire Emblem 3 by WaI Xing review.
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2019, 11:45:24 AM »
Aha! That's why i couldn't finish the game! Because i grinded! But not grinding is impossible, since like i said, you must kill everyone in each place.