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atari flashback 1
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:44:34 AM »
hello people

i want to talk about the atari fb1 noac games, 8 (or even 9) out of 20 were dumped, but others still need to be dumped:

Adventure  (Undumped)
Air-Sea Battle (Undumped)
Battlezone (Undumped)
Breakout (Dumped)
Canyon Bomber (Dumped)
Crystal Castles (Undumped)
Gravitar (Undumped)
Haunted House (Undumped)
Millipede (Dumped)
Saboteur (Dumped)
Sky Diver (Undumped)
Solaris (Undumped)
Sprintmaster (Undumped)
Warlords (Dumped)
Yars' Revenge (Undumped)
Asteroids (Undumped)
Centipede (Dumped)
Desert Falcon (Dumped)
Charley Chuck’s Food Fight (Dumped as a hack)
Planet Smashers (Dumped)

come on, lets dump some more of these

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