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kelvin donna:
Hi Dudes, I would Like to Present my own NES Hacks.
These Games are Mostly Hacks of PnP Games
But Before you Play the Games, read the Readme.txt File
but Otherwise, Have Fun  ;)

Update For the Month of June:
I made 3 new Games
Fokker Dr.1 Bomber
Soccer Arkanoid
Soccer Cup Final

and 2 of these Games base on games of the World Soccer Tv game:
so these games are: Soccer Arkanoid and Soccer Cup Final

Update for the Month of December and Christmas:
I made 16 new Games, so that this Multicart is like a Homemade Action 52:
Beach Showdown
Boot Sector Invaders
Classic Memory
Cricket Cup 2017
Downtown Driver
European Football Penalty Kick
European Football All Stars Highlight Soccer
Green Ace Squadron
Magic Ball
Panzers Bane 1 and 2
Retro Golf
Retro Snowboarding
Terrain Infiltrate
Windows 95 Cards
Xtra Combat

A lot of these games are History and Time Travel themed, The inspiration of
that topic is a german Version of Horrible Histories called "Sketch History"
Playlist on Youtube:

Update for the End of March 2020
I made 13 new Games:
6-A Side Football
Aerial Commander
Gamezone II Ports Asteroids
Gamezone II Ports Frogger
Gamezone II Ports Missile Command
Gamezone II Ports Scramble
JU-87 Secret Sortie
Maze Romance
Mega Helicopter
Secret Mechanic
Slipped Disks
UEIHA 1984 Tournament
Videator Slaparama

This Update is the Last one, before the hacks will be passed over to a Website
(Kinda like this one: www35.tok2.com/home/ymktvgame/picen.htm)
and this update is a Birthday present for Rei Ayanami.
as it Turns out, she is my religious Superior.
In this Update, you can find a couple of new Plug and Play Console Ports,
Such as the Gamezone II exclusive games (Please don't accuse me), or a new World Soccer Tv game Port
But this Update comes also with Games, based on TV Show Games, such as,
Slipped Disks from Takeshi's Castle: http://www.keshiheads.co.uk/games/slippeddisks
but others are just Based on Cube Tech games, in Memory of Cube Tech  :-*
This Update Comes with the Boxart of the Previous versions and Every Game has now the C64 Font to make it more Special.
Note: This Update has been two days earlier uploaded, than it should be updated (30th of March)

Update for May 2020 (not the last ever)
this time i made way too many games:
Advanced Numbers
Aero Gyrodine
Battleship Pets
Bowling Superior
Classic Tyrian
Crazy Dance 1
Digger Agent
Fleet Strike
Fortress Crusader
Funny Coins
Galaxy Hunt
Gobstopper Snake
Hammer Boy
Karate Kid
New X Ball
Pingpong Board Game
Pistol Agent
Precise Squipy
Robot Agent
Sea Guard
Space Driver
Speedy Binky
War Puzzle
Whirly Bird

Oh JOY! I don't know where to flipping start  :o yes, this really is the Final Update, which even comes with the First Ever NES Application hacked by me, this application is a hack of Windows 98 on NES Called "Satervest Chetdows". But otherwise all the Games are just Ports, Tribute Games to Cube Technology and so on.
The truth is, i didn't made a Cube Tech Website for Downloads, because it is to much hassle in general.
This Update Comes with the Boxart of the Previous versions and a Multicart made in

Have Fun and i will Finally Start my Vacation! and here is The Mashup Song fitting for my Vacation: https://rave.dj/tY8C_iP_dsA3fw

Update for March 2021
I'm back with many new Games:
Anti Communism Action
Bomber Penguin
Casino Pinball
Classic Puzzle 2
Electric Spelling Contest
Football Clicker
Football Reversi
Football Stacks
Football Winlinez
Gamezone II Ports Frogger Demo
Gamezone II Ports Frogger Full
Gamezone II Ports Scramble Fake
Gamezone II Ports Scramble Real
Happy Joy Teamwork
Hard Goal! Super Pro Soccer
Jump Man
Maze Ball
Mighty Asteroids
New F-16
New MadCars
Nonsuch Grand Prix
Official Foosball
Space Castle 2
Super Night Stalker
Thunder Race 2
Trophy Of Champions
Winter Shift

Suprise; I'm really Back with my hacks. this time, i Even made 2 Hacks, that have higher technology and these are Official Foosball (hack of Table soccer) and Electric Spelling Contest (hack of Speed type). and i'd like to give an immense shoutout to Gr8fam for including my games in their set, but i am a bit disappointed, that you took the games from an old version of my games, so i'd be happy, if you will include my newest set (download down below.)

thanks, i might try these out later


My only Battle City hack is the Tank Show. Should I send?

kelvin donna:

My only Battle City hack is the Tank Show. Should I send?
[/quote]yes, good idea

Hey guys, just thought I might keep this thread alive, here's my hacks.
hope you enjoy....


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