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Soccer team name change
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:01:20 AM »
Hello, i am playing the soccer game on the nes, i want to change the team names.

danger x made a hack of soccer shown here:
and he changed the team names:

USA is changed to POL (Poland)
GBR (Great Britain) is changed to PRT (Portugal)
FRA (France) is changed to WAL (Wales)
FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) is changed to DEU (Deutschland (German Word For Germany) )
BRA (Brazil) is changed to ITA (Italy)
JPN (Japan) is changed to FRA (France)
ESP (España (Spanish Word For Spain) ) is changed to ISL (Island)

can someone help me?
i hate all media of the world, so i just moved to eurasia.


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Soccer team name change
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This doesn't belong here. Moving it to Discussion Center.
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