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Hi everbody!
I hope this is the right thread to post this, if not, then the moderators can lock it up.

I would like some help from you guys, to make a list for myself what pirate games are still not ripped into an NSF file format.
This is my website where I host these files.

I post here a sample what I found long ago from Gil Galad's website (which is no longer exist sadly).


* The_list_of_unripped_NSFs.txt (24.76 KB)

3458 NSFs?
If those are not from my archive, then I would love to see them! Just throw me a PM, and I can add them to the rest of the bunch!

Yeah, it's completely fine to post it here.

To my knowledge, Monkey King's NSF was never ripped and it's not on the list.

It was ripped fairly recently.

-Frog Adventure and Worm Visitor on the Sachen Super Cartridge Ver. 8 multi (Only Magical Tower was ripped.)
-Galactic Crusader (Ripped but some of the tracks don't work properly.)
-Silent Assault (Current NSF lacks ending jingle, if small details like that matter.)
-Millionaire 2/Chuuguko Taitei
-Penguin and Seal/Dong Dong Nao 1 (Chinese version has much simpler music akin to Taiwan 16 Mahjong's and isn't ripped afaik.)

These are the only ones i know of off-hand, but I'll try to think of any others not in the list.


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