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Re: Finds
« Reply #480 on: July 12, 2021, 08:06:27 PM »
Recently I got a few games in the mail. The most interesting one was 數碼精靈 綠寶石, which is the same as 寵物小精靈 結晶塔之王's English release by NGCA, but with Chinese text edited in. This means different music, starting Pokemon, pallet for the main character portrait, and the ability to immediately fight the final boss. The starting Pokemon appear to have the same stats and moves as the starting Digimon from Digimon Pocket, and the main character's portrait has the same pallet as the one in Digimon Pocket. I think I'll call these versions of Vast Fame games that introduce elements from their other games hybrid Vast Fame games. Come to think of it, Digimon Crystal has a hybrid version, and coincidentally that is the version that the NGCA English release of the game is based off of. Digimon Sapphire also uses audio from other Vast Fame games, so if I  had to guess there is a version of it with different music, and the known versions are hybrid versions of the game. The other NGCA English Vast Fame game is Rockman Zero, a hack of Zook 2. Zook 2 also has a hybrid release, Rockman X3. If I has to guess I'd say that Rockman Zero is based on that, does anyone here have the ability to confirm that? Additionally I found a GB-A76E cart for Digimon Diamond by Makon, so I guess I'll be releasing the ROM for that soon, completing the known library of Makon Digimon games. I also found a cart that uses characters from the box art of the color release of Binary Monsters 1 for its sticker art. It also uses Binary Monster's title, but appears to be a hack of a monster raising game. If anyone here could help me identify what it is originally that would be appreciated. I included a screenshot of it.

Edit: The monster raising game is Dino Breeder by J-Wing
Edit: Digital Elves Emerald boot with DIGI. logo
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Re: Finds
« Reply #481 on: September 13, 2021, 08:00:05 PM »
Got a PCP-936 cheap AF on eBay, this scratches several itches of mine at once
*Proprietary cartridge (even if fake)
*Fighting games

Currently trying to track down all the different versions of King Boxing. This version has different characters from the one I have on my YD handheld, which in turn is different from the one in Stuart Ashen's LTPS Handy Game review (from almost 11 years ago to the day!) The Wiki also states that there's versions on the 1.8 Handhelds, which means there's ones in color?
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