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Super Famicom/SNES / Re: Go gamer portable
« Last post by Arcade-Elite on Today at 02:02:58 PM »
Ok so would it be possible to dump these games in snes rom's form like has been done for nes? I ask because there are some actual good games in these. Sadly there seems to be no title screen's for the games tho.  :D
Super Famicom/SNES / Re: Go gamer portable
« Last post by bart on Today at 08:17:15 AM »
This is a VTxxx famiclone. I have one too  :)
Super Famicom/SNES / Go gamer portable
« Last post by Arcade-Elite on September 24, 2020, 02:40:21 AM »
So i came across this go gamer portable, and i was wondering if these are all SNES bootlegs games? Like you would see in NES plug n plays?
Famicom/NES dumps / Re: Lost in Bygone Gaming dumps
« Last post by ZDog on September 23, 2020, 02:51:10 PM »
Famicom/NES / Re: Anybody have pcb pictures of the yobo FCduo?
« Last post by cavencruiser on September 20, 2020, 09:38:38 PM »
Here is a review of the fctwin and a video showing compatibility of the device (Second link has a different name for the console, but it is indeed the same noac because of the sound issues in games like kirbys adventure and castlevania 2).
Famicom/NES / Anybody have pcb pictures of the yobo FCtwin?
« Last post by cavencruiser on September 20, 2020, 09:27:12 PM »
Exactly what the title says, I have found that this hardware uses the same noac as the fcpocket has. It exhibits the same sound and incompatibility issues as the fcpocket, so I was wondering if you guys have any pics of the pcb so I can further investigate this specific noac?
Other Pirates / Re: Strike Wolf mapper 36
« Last post by Arcade-Elite on September 20, 2020, 03:31:35 PM »
Awsome Mr. NewRisingSun, you guy's are the masters at these hard mappers. Only last rare mapper i know of that no one know's the info on nor has hacked to an easyer mapper is NES/Famicom Star Keeper. To this day no one has done speed run's of the game on real hardware because the mapper hasn't been document. It's a shame. Thanks again.
Famicom/NES / FamiNES Archive [v3.4]
« Last post by FamiNES on September 20, 2020, 10:03:43 AM »
Here is the project I've been working on for the last few months, an update to the outdated GoodNES romset.

All roms have been re-tagged to a new naming convention including year and publisher or creator of each game to allow for simple sorting using batch (.bat) files. Only 1 .bat file has been currently added that removes all garbage files, simply place it into the main roms folder and run it and all bad, over, and old version roms will be sorted into a garbage folder.
PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO OPEN .BAT FILES IN A TEXT EDITOR. This will change how your system opens .bat files and it can be a PITA to change it back. In order to edit or create new batch files simply change the file extension to .txt to edit and back to .bat when you are finished. I will be working on new batch files for the next update.

There has also been around 1700 new roms added into the archive along with a text file with the names of all new roms included.

I'm not sure of the policy of rom sharing on this site so instead of linking directly to the file I'll be linking to the Internet Achive. Just search for FamiNES Archive roms and you will find it.

This is far from complete and just wanted to get it out there for any suggestions about what should be changed or added.
Feel free to contact me at or by posting to this thread.
Famicom/NES / Do vt03 multicarts (yobo g factor 5) work on vt03 based famiclones?
« Last post by cavencruiser on September 19, 2020, 10:35:57 AM »
I was wondering if the nes based vt03 carts like the yobo factor 5 multi game cart will work in onebus mode on vt03 based famiclones through the use of the pin converter. Is this possible? I read that using a pin converter on a onebus famiclone converts onebus to noac mode, so you can use the everdrive n8 nes version on the onebus based system, but normally will not be able to use the everdrive n8 famicom version without a "passthrough device". Would the pin converter make it incompatible because of the onebus to noac conversion if that's true?
Famicom/NES / Re: Retro Shabba Box
« Last post by RetroShabbaBox on September 17, 2020, 07:24:40 PM »
It is not a portable console; it plugs into a TV via AV cables and requires an AC adapter.
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