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Other Pirates / Bootleg Mario Kart 64?
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:49:06 AM »
Hi all, I just found this site so sorry if these types of posts arent allowed but I figured I would ask and see if anyone knows about this version of MK64 I had when I was younger.

When I was about 8 years old my parents rented me mario kart 64 from a local video store. It was definitely one of my favorite games at the time but eventually it was time to return it which made me pretty upset at the time but I got over it rather quickly and forgot about it. Not sure if this will help, but this would have been in late 1997 or very early 98.

One track I found exceptionally hard was rainbow road. This was because of the fact that the track was so narrow and it didnt have any guard rails. To me, it was even harder than banshee boardwalk, because it would take like 10 seconds of falling to get back on the track.

Several years later I discovered however that the rainbow road in mario kart 64 DOES have guard rails... in fact, one of the huge criticisms about the track is the presence of guard rails.

This mystery has really perplexed me over the years, every couple of months I remember it and search for a photo or video of mario kart 64's rainbow road without the guard rails, and I never come up with anything. I've seen a gameshark code that makes the rails not solid, but I have never seen a code or a version of the game that completely erases them. I'm aware that super mario kart's rainbow road does not have any guard rails, but I am not confusing the two, this was without a doubt MK64 (And to erase any doubt I never played SMK until around 2-3 years ago, so there is no way I could have confused it).

My question is - was there ever a bootleg/pirated version of this game that eliminated the guard rails in rainbow road? The copy of the game I had was otherwise completely normal, nothing changed or out of the ordinary, and even the rainbow road track was the exact same, minus the guard rails. I obviously didn't really pay any attention to the cartridge, but it didn't look strange, from what I recall it was the standard sticker of mario giving a thumbs up on his kart.

So if anyone knows the answer to this, please let me know.

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