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Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: April 20, 2013, 09:55:40 AM »
I have 2 gamate's. Both of them had good screens with no problems, although one of the gamate's suddenly stopped working one day completely randomly and I haven't been able to get it to run since lol.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: April 19, 2013, 12:21:52 AM »
Haha well some crazy new Gamate collector is on the loose. First some Spanish guy put up an auction for a boxed game #60 (Further Adventures of Hannibal the Cat) for the crazy price of $200 US. I figured no one would bid, but in the closing seconds one guy actually did.

Obviously wanting to capitalize on this guy, the Spanish seller then put up an auction for game #70 (Which is now the highest numbered game known) and doubled the price to $400 with a buy it now. Of course it sold.

Up until now the highest that gamate games have sold for was when me and Jonathon Lux (who's now stopped collecting) fought over some auctions for super rare stuff, but even those only got to about $100 or less.

I'm kinda tempted to put up a bunch of my rare games now with $500+ BIN's lol.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 27, 2012, 04:26:50 AM »
Managed to get a complete copy of Metamorphosiser, another UMC release. Apart from the ridiculously awesome name, the game turned out cooler than I was expecting. Its a side scrolling platformer with a cool post apocalyptic theme and impressive graphics. You choose from 3 different weapons, then you journey through destroyed streets and sewers and stuff fighting all kinds of crazy enemies. The instruction manual shows 4 bosses, but then only displays a question mark for the 'Dark Lord' final boss, so I'm curious to see that  ^_^ Somewhat tough game, I've played it a few times now and have gotten up to the 2nd boss.

Heres a few quick shots I took (notice the in-game title is 'Tough Guy')

Also interesting to note that the copy of the game I got is the same copy that can be seen in the only decent box photo of the game on the net from Retrotrader. When I first discovered taizou's gamate section last year and went to retrotrader there were no gamate games listed, so I figured it was sold out years ago. A month back though I randomly ended up at the retrotrader site again and noticed it had just been majorly updated, and noticed that the gamate section was listing games again. I emailed the guy and he indeed still had Metamorphosiser, complete and mint. I bought it immediately, for about the same price that a loose cart of the game sold for from 3rdman's recent gamate collection sale, so I guess I got lucky on that one. Goes to show how crazy acquiring games for this system is, and also how depressing it is that the cool and interesting gamate games from UMC are so unbelievably rare.

1993-1999 / Original Taiwanese/Chinese Famicom Games
« on: October 19, 2012, 08:11:22 AM »
Wow thanks MLX, here are some box shots of that batch of some of the original games I can see:

Feng Shen Bang (C&E)

Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan (C&E)

Bao Qing Tian (NT)

Xi You Ji (Asder)

Jing Ke Xin Zhuan (Supertone)

Also noticed that the Asder stuff is numbered. I found this incomplete list from hg101 and added Cobra Mission which is number 27. Earlier numbered games were released under the NTDEC label while the later few releases are under Asder, which are the more original games:

CN-01 Fighting Hero
CN-02 Hit Marmot
CN-03 Magic Block
CN-04 Pokey
CN-05 Balloon Monster
CN-06 Magic Carpet 1001
CN-07 War in the Gulf
CN-08 Bookyman
CN-09 Cosmos Cop
CN-10 ??? Adam & Eve or Porter
CN-11 6 in 1
CN-12 ??? Adam & Eve or Porter
CN-13 Destroyer
CN-14 Go! Benny!
CN-15 Sea of Dreamland
CN-16 Tank
CN-17 ??? Policeman
CN-18 Skate Boy
CN-19 Fighting Hero III
CN-20 San Guo Zhi
CN-21 San Guo Zhi - Qun Xiong Zheng Ba
CN-22 ???
CN-23 ???
CN-24 ???
CN-25 ???
CN-26 Master Shooter
CN-27 Cobra Mission
CN-28 Xi You Ji
CN-29 Huang Di

Anyone able to fill in some of the blanks and also confirm if Huang Di was the last release?

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:16:44 PM »
Is any of your non uploaded stuff from auction sites?

I'm still curious to know if there are any games left I haven't seen. Till now, Sickertus/Jonathon had uploaded box or card shots of everything except for about 10-15 of the 'missing' games. Shots can be seen here:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

Then theres also this page which shows a couple of rarer games like Fist of Thunder, Kiki Inland, and 10萬個為什麼:

And also this page which has manual and box shots of Fist of Thunder, 10萬個為什麼 (K1-001) and 天羅煞 Heaven Clash (c1-058):

Most interesting on that page though is a shot of the box for 火爆英雄 (c1-065) which is the only instance of the game seen so far. Shown on the left here (the album also has a shot of the back of the back):

So yeah, if you notice that you have any auction shots that show games not seen so far, then that would be interesting to see.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:47:31 AM »
Hey Taizou, how long ago was it that you saw the Ruten auctions of the couple of Chinese games you have photo's of in your Gamate section? I've been browsing the taiwan auction sites for a year now and have never seen a single UMC era game come up, with the exception of Heaven Clash which was being sold alongside a Gamate system for a ludicrous price for months before disappearing at the end of last year. Dunno if I'm shit at searching properly, I'm just browsing with searches for either 'Gamate, '超級小子' or '超级神童'.

Also any shots of games from auctions that you never got around to uploading? Would be interested to see if there are any games or boxes I haven't seen yet.

1993-1999 / Original Taiwanese/Chinese Famicom Games
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:59:45 AM »
I've never seen the original Tian Wang cover before though, or the name "Gods and Devils". A lot of their games had official English titles that were only used on the original print runs.. its kinda nice to know.[/quote]

I wonder how rare the original version is, I'd love to find a copy of it.

Seems as if every other unlicensed FC original from my perspective is always something based on Chinese folklore.[/quote]

Most original Taiwanese games in their peak era were PC Dos releases, and about 95% of them were based on Chinese stuff (Journey west, 3 kingdoms, warriors of the marsh, feng shen bang, etc) Thats one of the things that makes the games unique compared to the Japanese and even Korean stuff which mostly featured medieval fantasy or sci fi settings.

Also in regards to Waixing I guess the 2 journey to the west games they made as well as 'Ling Jie Hu Fa - Shock' are original titles.

Discussion Center / Taobao agents
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:12:59 AM »
Just noticed that Shopping Mall Japan has just started a Taiwan service that they are still testing.

1993-1999 / Original Taiwanese/Chinese Famicom Games
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:28:12 AM »
This topic really can span all release years, but I put it here because it probably has the most original games.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone is able to make any kind of list of original Chinese/Taiwanese Famicom games? I'm really interested in these games but the scene is so cluttered with hacks that its difficult to separate that hacks from legitimate games.

Off the top of my head I know that theres the C&E RPG's as well as stuff like Huang Di from Asder.

Gathering box images of the original games would also be great. The main one I know about is the Huang Di one:

The massive quantity of titles from Waixing is also quite strange. A huge bunch of their games are unofficial ports of Japanese games or games that steal artwork from other games, but they seem to have some legitimate titles too, the biggest stand out being the rather cool Tian Wang Xiang Mo Zhuan

Looking over the Waixing home page most of their box covers use stolen artwork from all kinds of sources, but matching with the original nature of Tian Wang Xiang Mo Zhuan it appears that Waixing actually drew an original box cover for it. Maybe someone can point out something its stolen from, but it looks original to me because the 4 characters on the box actually match with the characters in the game. Browsing taobao though I found a version of the game thats packaged in a crappy looking stolen artwork box. Here are the 2 boxes side by side:

So whats the deal with the 2nd version of the packaging and would it have come from Waixing themselves or another company? I don't know about you guys, but these Chinese games are a heck of a lot more appealing if I know they came in an original artwork box.

Discussion Center / Taobao agents
« on: October 16, 2012, 03:28:47 AM »
Anyone know some good agents for buying from the Taiwanese sites like Ruten and Yahoo Auctions Taiwan?

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:22:34 PM »
I swear there's a pirate for famicom or gbc called Bao Qing Tian![/quote]

I mentioned the Famicom games in my previous post   ^_^  Bao Qing Tian was a name for Bao Zheng, so its quite a common name given to games/tv shows and such relating to the character.

I've never had a chance to play these later UMC games, its interesting to hear how much better they were than the earlier stuff.[/quote]

Its bizzare how UMC decided to support the system and overhaul its image by producing proper high quality original games for it. This screenshot (from sickertus's photobucket) is a good example of the original era Gamate contrasting with the UMC era, with the original Gamate showing a screenshot of the piece of shit pacman clone Money Maze which was an early BIT Corp game, while the later era UMC Gamate is showing a screenshot of game c1-058 called 天羅煞 Heaven Clash, which is a VS fighting game and was the first UMC game release that was a Taiwan/Chinese exclusive. All games from c1-058 onwards were asian exclusive releases.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:56:33 AM »
Heres an example of the quality I was able to get by taking photo's. Any opinions of whether its good enough? This is the character selection screen to the asian only release c1-064, called Bao Qing Tian, rich is a cool final fight style beat em up with some of the most impressive graphics I've seen on the system so far (along with game c1-069 anyway), and graphically definitely blows away all similar genre games on the gameboy.

Also hilarious to note that the big guy on the left is indeed the legendary historical judge Bao Zheng, although according to this game his form of justice involved bashing the shit out of seemingly everyone he comes across  ^_^ . Some people probably also know about the couple of unlicensed Famicom games also called Bao Qing Tian based on the same character, one being a shithouse platformer and the other being a VS fighter.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 11, 2012, 01:08:50 PM »
I didnt even bother with brightness settings for the scanned images I did, the inside of my scanner is obviously far worse than I thought and the screens were covered in dirt and dust and crap. Photo's will be better anyway so I can take shots of more things instead of just static screens or areas you can pause the game in.

Also interesting to note that many of the later games have a 'date' in the credits, like how Robin Hood I posted above lists 1994.01.10. The credits to game 69 (the one I posted the box of above, which is also the highest numbered gamate release currently known) is one of the games with a Chinese written staff roll, but its 'date' is listed as July 1994. The UMC era for the gamate had a number of phases, in 1992 they released stuff like Punk Boy and GP Race which were a big jump in quality from the Bit games. Then there were a few 1993 releases which are slightly higher quality again, and then most of the games in the last phase of releases in 1994 which were exclusive to asia are the most advanced (especially in graphics) as can be seen once again from the box I posted above. Basically these games are the main reason why anyone should be interested in the Gamate and why the games deserve to be preserved.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 11, 2012, 05:20:58 AM »
I tried to do some scans but they looked like total crap, unlike your scans that are bright and clear mine turned out dark and muddled even at 1200 dpi. I spent some more time trying photo methods though and managed to figure out a way of taking decent clear shots. Just have to take the photo's with a light at the right angle and shooting the camera at a ridiculous position so that the camera shadow isn't on it at all, then cropping the screen out in photoshop. Not as sharp and clear as your screens for stuff like Cube-up, but better than the photo's provided for Famous on your site.

Also here are staff credits for 2 games. I've seen staff credits for 2 other games but they were written in Chinese, so cant exactly figure those ones out unless screenshots were taken.

Due to the extreme higher quality of these UMC releases I'm guessing the staff are totally different from anyone that worked on the Bit Corp stuff, likely more legit developers that possibly came from the rather large Taiwanese PC DOS scene at the time.

Punk Boy 龐克旋風 (Game number c1-049)

Yeh Chaung Ling

Small Kain

You Ten-Der


侠盗罗宾汉 Robin Hood (Game number c1-067)

Sheling QIU

JianPing GU
ZhengYu QIAO

Paint Designer:

Music & Sound:
ShuoZhen BI
JianPing GU


Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 11, 2012, 03:24:02 AM »
Anyone have tips for getting game screenshots from handhelds? I just experimented for a while with different light and camera options but all photo's looked like shit. Maybe scanning is the only way to go?

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