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We've since released an updated version with a few bug fixes. Same download link as in the first post.

Also! Fighter biographies w/complete special & super move lists are available on our website. Each one includes cool new pixel artwork of the fighters, based on the hand-drawn artwork from the original instruction manual. Here's a neat example...

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: January 26, 2022, 11:58:57 PM »
Today I endured the drudgery of scanning a Supervision advertisement from our good ol' bosom chums at Goldnation, as well as, of all things, an official Supervision™ “Authorized Dealer” decal: unused, of course, because who would've cursed their business by actually displaying one of these in their shop window?!

Also, please note that the acronym for Supervision Authorized Dealer is, very appropriately, SAD.

Noticing the trademark symbol on the decal, I wondered, “Did they even file a trademark, or was that just another bunch of BS?” Well, slogging through the United States Patent and Trademark database, I discovered that yes! Indeed, the trademark was legitimately registered. The filing document downloaded from said database has also been added to the scans page.

Lastly for today: Do you remember all the way back to 2009 when I used the Super Fighter Team website design as a template for... this? No, you don't. Regardless, there's irony here! Because just last month, I redesigned the Super Fighter Team website using – wait for it – this website's design to inspire me. I've come full circle, and I am finally home.

Sure, you're welcome. I'm glad you dig it. 8)

Hello, everyone!

We at Super Fighter Team are pretty jazzed to reveal our latest passion project to the world: Sango Fighter Special Edition. :D

Official website and Direct download

You know Sango Fighter, don'cha? Published in 1993 by Panda Entertainment, it was one of the first fighting games to truly make a big splash on MS-DOS based PCs. It certainly left an impression on me, to the point where I acquired the rights to it in 2009 [!].

Now here we are in 2021, and what do we have to show for it? Well... quite a lot, actually.

Our new edition of the game features:

· All of your favorite generals, + that pesky li'l soldier!
· MS-DOS and Super A'can versions of each general, with some BIG differences between 'em!
· A high energy remix of the soundtrack, with add'l tracks.
· Improved, rebalanced fight system.
· We even brought in a Taiwanese voice actor to serve as the fight announcer!
· Oh! And support for 3 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese. Neat!!

So if you've always loved the MS-DOS version of Sango Fighter but it left you wanting more, and / or if you're intrigued by the hobbled Super A'can version but don't want to waste hundreds of dollars to buy it... then I think you'll be fairly pleased with what we've accomplished here. ;)

Ah... but wait! I know what some of you purists might be thinking:

"Bah! What's with all these newfangled 'features?' The original game is fine just the way it is!!" or "What the hell is a Super A'can?!!"

And that's fine, 'cuz we planned ahead for that: In addition to the new & improved "Enhanced" mode, Sango Fighter Special Edition features a "Classic" mode, which ONLY uses content from the MS-DOS version, including 100% hardware accurate recordings of the Ad Lib (YM3812) soundtrack! W0w!

Truly there is something for everyone. It's a Christmas miracle. So! Please try out the game. Share it with your friends. And feel welcome to share your feedback with all of us.

Thanks! Enjoy!! And best wishes for 2022.




Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: September 24, 2021, 09:11:04 AM »
Did somebody say Tiger? Oh yeah!! The primary focus of today's update is the “Taike Boy” from Taiwan, a Supervision variant I have been on the lookout for since the dawn of the millennium. Naturally, I am pleased as Christmas punch to now have high-quality scans of its box, instructions, and game cartridge order form. And if you mosey on over to the scans page, you can have 'em, too!

Of hilarious note is the fact that both Street Fighter II and “Mortal Komba” are advertised on the front of the box, suggesting that these two high-profile game titles were on their way to the Supervision. Hogwash! Utter tripe! They were never on their way to the Supervision. (But then again maybe they were, it's difficult to say.) What a shameless way to try'n sell a doomed game system.

Also featured on the box is everyone's (other) favorite Supervision vaporware title, Devil Paradise. Good show, gentlemen: 3 out of 5 (or 60%) of the games shown on your packaging DON'T EXIST!

But, wait! There's more. I've also added:

- A set of Soccer Champion instructions in English, Dutch, and French.
- Scans of some French language product attention & warning labels.
- A better quality scan of the Sonny sticker.

The Big Old Arcade / Re: A'can't believe it's not 240p! (Super A'can in HD)
« on: September 23, 2021, 04:13:09 AM »
Yesterday I added 14 new videos, mostly from the game "Son of Evil" : all eleven bosses + the final boss & ending, and the ingame virtual tour of the Funtech offices.

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: September 05, 2021, 08:08:28 AM »
Howdy! Here's the first update for 2021, and boy is it a doozy! New content has been piling up for nearly a year now, but somehow I kept letting everything (and anything) get in the way of properly processing it all. Imagine that!! *wink*

Anyway! Let's itemize all the rad new scans that were added today:

- An Eagle Plan cartridge label variant.
- A better quality TV-Link Adaptor cartridge label.
- A complete TV-Link (NTSC) product set.
- An update to the TV-Link (PAL-B) product set.
- Chinese language instructions for 2-in-1 - Hash Block & Eagle Plan.
- English and Chinese language instructions for Treasure Hunter.
- English and Spanish language instructions for Crystball.
- A “new game cartridges” catalog from AudioSonic France (courtesy of Morgane Dumont).

Now if you'll excuse me, all this Supervision overindulgence has left me exhausted. I'd better go lie down.

The Big Old Arcade / A'can't believe it's not 240p! (Super A'can in HD)
« on: August 28, 2021, 06:43:10 AM »
Hey, y'all.

So the first thing I decided to do w/my nifty new USB3HDCAP gizmo was to record some vids from my s-video modded Super A'can. Since all the existing A'can vids are either recorded from crap composite or extremely preliminary emulation, I figured that sharing some higher quality stuff would... like... be pretty cool, or something.

If you'd like to take a gander, here's what I've got posted online thus far...

More to come. Later. Perhaps. ???

Ah... and before anyone asks: I'm not interested in selling, trading, and / or giving away (yeah right) any Super A'can stuff. Kthx.

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: July 23, 2020, 05:14:42 AM »
Today's update:

A rather interesting update around here, for a change: I've acquired and scanned sets of instructions for Crystball and Hero Kid from the Travellmate era, aka the earliest known issue of what soon became (unfortunately) known as the Supervision.

The Crystball set is especially interesting as it includes text in the game description that doesn't seem to appear in any of the later prints. Specifically, this gem of a line appears: “The animals may disturb you in the game, you can kill them with Crystball ans you will be scored, too.” (Terrible English and misspelling of the word “and” are faithfully reproduced from the source material.) Delightful. So make a beeline for the scans page and have a laugh.

The Big Old Arcade / Re: The end of the
« on: July 15, 2020, 07:33:18 AM »
Today's update:

When I discovered that the UK version of the Internet package featured a slightly different box, manual, and cartridge label than the US version, not to mention additional inserts, my initial reaction was, “No. NO! NOOOOO!!” I bought it anyway, knowing full well I'd have to scan everything. Yuck. But now the dirty deed is done, and the downloads are waiting for you over on the scans page.

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: May 21, 2020, 04:12:53 AM »
Today's update...

The other night I thought to myself, “I should get pictures of all the Crystball levels.” Then I laughed. Then I paused for a moment, raising an eyebrow. Then, I actually went and got all the pictures!! What is wrong with me?! (Wait, don't answer that.) Playing through Crystball again after all these years... sucked. But, I was able to notice and document some quirky details about the game's behavior. These stunning revelations are now available for you to overlook.

On the scanning front, Mark Canon (aka “stupus”) was kind enough to send in the following: blue boxes for 14 games, Galaxy Fighter and Journey to the West cartridge labels, and the official Goldnation price list and order form. W0w! Thanks, Mark!

Finally! Two more pages of Dixons ads were added to the existing PDF. Apparently the updated file had been sitting here for quite some time, waiting to be uploaded. Sorry, eh!

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: January 16, 2020, 05:03:48 AM »
Today's update:

Merry 2020, guys 'n' gals! Our first update of the year is, like the two updates that preceded it, all about scans. For one, I busted Block Buster out of its tight, repressive blister pack to get scans of the insert + English & Italian language instructions. And, two-hoo! There's scans of the Golden Free Trade Supervision box and instructions, from down Mexico way. Fab stuff, amirite?

The Big Old Arcade / Re: The end of the
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:58:37 PM »
Today's update:

Added some details and screenshots for Holyfield Boxing, NBA Live '99, and Small Soldiers to the rumored games page. This info was mostly scooped from the archived website of developer Handheld Games. rumored games page

The Big Old Arcade / The end of the
« on: January 04, 2020, 05:48:52 AM »
Howdy, y'all.

This has been in the works for far too long and today, I'm nauseous to announce that:

“The end of the” rides again.

Yep. My formerly threadbare website about a handheld game system that's even less enjoyable than the Supervision [!!]... is back. Now bloated with far more information than you'll ever care to know, to experience it is a grand adventure in masochism. (Though still less painful than actually playing games.)

If you're wondering why I've wasted so much time building a virtual shrine to such a useless piece of plastic stuffed with shoddy electrical components, it's simple: I did it because I knew no one else would. Amen.

So come on by and relive all your favorites!
(I'd say, "You'll be glad you did," but we both know you'll regret it.)

Other Pirates / Re: Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate
« on: December 09, 2019, 02:13:57 AM »
I'm 100% sure that aside from that there will be other languages as well. Since MLX said these were released in Taiwan, i do expect Chinese in both forms, too.

Well, certainly. Look no further than my website for the proof: I have scans of game instructions in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish... and yes, even in Chinese.

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