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2000-present / Colosoftware games (prototypes?)
« on: March 31, 2017, 01:34:44 PM »
A while back I got a plug 'n play simply titled the Super Video Game. I never used it much because the thing gets burning hot after, like, 30 minutes of being plugged in. It has mostly hacked games on it, like Super Shrek Bros. among some others. But three of the games are these weird ports of Commodore 64 games. They changed the names slightly, so I didn't realize it until just now. The (presumably) copyright screens are replaced with "Push Start to Play", so I couldn't see the company name either.

The games are:

*Hunter: Actually Ice Hunter. You have to roll a snowball to the edge of the river, so you can float across and escape.
*Magician: Actually Magic Madness. Shoot the stuff, whoopee.
*Shoot the Goof: Couldn't find a C64 counterpart to this; just a poor lightgun game.

The originals, at least, are from a company called Colosoftware. There's barely any info on them other than that they made these two games, along with a complete ripoff of Q-Bert called "R-Nest" (I'm not kidding), and [edited by taizou, see below]. Seems like a fantastic company, huh?

I'm guessing these are prototypes of some kind. I don't see why pirates would rip off these of all games. Does anyone have more information on these? Pictures whenever this website actually decides to let me upload them.

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