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Sangokushi - Game Boy Ban Traditional Chinese Version is a pirated Chinese translation of the Gameboy game of the same name, made by HSI presents in 1993, It looks like HSI Version is already dumped too. And I've been looking for a dump of this game, But I have never see HSI's Version file...

Does my English make sense?

Game Boy / Unlicensed chinese translation version of Daisenryaku
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:42:58 PM »
I found Unlicensed two strange chinese translation version cartridge.
Do you have these cartridge information? I think exist these singe cartridge version.

"Daisenryaku chinese translation version -大戰略 中文版" (32 in 1 version)

"Daisenryaku 2 chinese translation version -大戰略2 中文版"
(Probably I suppose Game Boy Wars 2 chinese translation version. Because nothing exist Daisenryaku 2 for the gameboy version.) (38 in 1 version)

Does my English make sense?

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