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Game Boy / Deep Storm
« on: November 15, 2018, 04:51:51 PM »
Hi, there's a game called "Deep Storm", which was released on consoles such as the VG Pocket Caplet and Lexibook Zeus. It was also released on the zone 60, which has been dumped this year. It is one of those Jungletac GBA games, however for some reason it's not thrown in with the other 32 of them on any PSP clone, like the Ritmix RZX-50 or the PAP K-III.

If possible, can someone extract it (and perhaps the other GBA games in case they're different)? The Zone 60 can be found here: . It does run on Sunplus hardware however, which is another story... But the extra mini-games--I'm certain they're GBA-related. Thanks.

Gameplay video:

BootlegGames Wiki / Moving from Wikia to another host
« on: January 03, 2015, 12:56:56 PM »
Sorry to start out on this forum like this, I believe Bootleg-Games Wiki should be moved outside of Wikia. The Wikia wiki skin gives me a headache and the visual editor easily wrecks articles. In other words, I think we should re-host the wiki elsewhere, like independently or on another wiki farm (like ShoutWiki).

Wikia wikis are unfortunately more prone to spam. Users also do not have as much control over the wiki if on Wikia, because Wikia staff will involuntarily shove new features down others' throats, like the notorious Oasis skin on November 3, 2010. It caused major wikis like Wikisimpsons and Animal Crossing Wiki to move out of Wikia and become independent hosts.

See here for steps on how to move out of Wikia: AWA guide. The linked wiki site is anti-Wikia itself, explaining bad experiences users have had with Wikia and when the Monaco wiki skin was removed. Try having a look into the wiki. It's on another wiki host—ShoutWiki (which isn't a bad one). I'm also currently banned on Wikia.

So Anti-Wikia Alliance explains why the users have left Wikia. Most of it is because of the new Wikia skin that everybody dislikes. You cannot set the default Wiki skin to even vector... WoWWiki & Uncyclopedia even forked. Quote: "Wikia will continue to make changes against your wikis best interest as they have in the past."

That being said, the community here doesn't seem to have control over their content, and all wikis are forced a CC-BY-SA license. ShoutWiki does allow you to choose a license & a wiki name that does not end in "wiki". Comparison of wikis on Orain: Wikia vs. ShoutWiki vs. Orain.

And I'm not a troll, by the way. I myself am also interested in bootleg games, specifically Donkey Kong ones. I mostly know about Super Donkey Kong 2 for the NES & how it only has three levels.

We should make sure to make database dumps of the wiki with this Python script (Python 2) and post it on the Internet Archive. Wikia wikis are a pain to back up as well—no images are backed up either. Even this tool doesn't always work on them.

As the one who started this discussion, I support the wiki's move. ShoutWiki or Orain sound like the best option for a new wiki host to me.

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