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Other Pirates / Watara Supervision
« on: January 07, 2014, 06:48:22 AM »
Anyone know the original Chinese title of the supervision?

Also whats the deal with the 'Magnum Supervision' that could play some of the more advanced later games such as Journey West:

Anyone know what the 'Magnum Supervision" was originally called in Chinese as well?

Mega Drive/Genesis / Help Identifying Taiwanese MD game
« on: May 17, 2013, 01:03:13 PM »
I found this image that was from Taizou's old auctions page:

It interested me because I didn't immediately notice it as being a clone/alternate version of a legit Japanese game. Can anyone identify it? Does anyone else think it could actually be an original Taiwanese action game?

1993-1999 / Original Taiwanese/Chinese Famicom Games
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:28:12 AM »
This topic really can span all release years, but I put it here because it probably has the most original games.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone is able to make any kind of list of original Chinese/Taiwanese Famicom games? I'm really interested in these games but the scene is so cluttered with hacks that its difficult to separate that hacks from legitimate games.

Off the top of my head I know that theres the C&E RPG's as well as stuff like Huang Di from Asder.

Gathering box images of the original games would also be great. The main one I know about is the Huang Di one:

The massive quantity of titles from Waixing is also quite strange. A huge bunch of their games are unofficial ports of Japanese games or games that steal artwork from other games, but they seem to have some legitimate titles too, the biggest stand out being the rather cool Tian Wang Xiang Mo Zhuan

Looking over the Waixing home page most of their box covers use stolen artwork from all kinds of sources, but matching with the original nature of Tian Wang Xiang Mo Zhuan it appears that Waixing actually drew an original box cover for it. Maybe someone can point out something its stolen from, but it looks original to me because the 4 characters on the box actually match with the characters in the game. Browsing taobao though I found a version of the game thats packaged in a crappy looking stolen artwork box. Here are the 2 boxes side by side:

So whats the deal with the 2nd version of the packaging and would it have come from Waixing themselves or another company? I don't know about you guys, but these Chinese games are a heck of a lot more appealing if I know they came in an original artwork box.

Other Pirates / Gamate Discussion
« on: October 09, 2012, 08:32:38 AM »
So I've been tracking down Gamate games for over a year now and thanks to some luck I've got a bunch of the rarer stuff, and just recently a collector sold all his stuff and I managed to pick up a good chunk of the Asian exclusive game releases. While the system is notorious for having a bunch of shitty clone games comparable to the Supervision, I cant express enough just how much better the later UMC game releases are. Of course they are so rare that most people have never played them or don't even know they exist.

Bottom line though is that the Gamate is the only game system left out there which has the largest amount of quality game releases that are completely unknown and undocumented on the net. No screenshots, barely any info, pretty much nothing beyond a couple of photo's of the cards/boxes for just some of the games. A good half or so of the game library is of course the total trash Bit Corp releases, but the UMC games are way better than the library of something like say the Lynx, and even lots of the games are cooler than a ton of the stuff on the gameboy due to the games being original and interesting, as opposed to the gameboy which for the most part got cut down ports of console games, or games based on licenses. Also the later Gamate games have a FUCKTON better graphics than the early shit, UMC actually hired proper artists to do the graphics and a bunch of the games look better than the majority of the Gameboy library.

So yeah, even more amazing is how the Gamate doesn't have an emulator, but the supervision does with its utterly useless library of games. Once again of course, this is just due to the rarity of the UMC Gamate games, especially outside of China/Taiwan.

Anyway, over this year I've slowly been adding more and more to a complete Gamate game database I've been compiling, filling it with details about every release, including all the original Chinese text titles for all the asian exclusive games and whatnot. The list renders the current lists posted around the internet completely useless, and thankfully there are only very few mysteries left regarding the Gamate game library.

Of course just as important as a definitive database are scans and screenshots of all the good later era Gamate games, which is the most important thing to 'exposing' the quality games on the system and make heaps of people a lot more interested in it. Its kinda similar to the situation with the Super A'can, but the Gamate thankfully had a lot more games released for it, and thats even after ignoring all the shitty Bit Corp releases.

So yeah I do plan to do box scans/card scans and screenshots to the stuff I have. Unlike a lot of the gamate 'collectors' who maybe have a few of the UMC games but practically never play them, I've actually played through and finished a bunch of the titles now. Hah, maybe I sound arrogant for saying that, but I mean come on its true a lot of the collectors in possession of these games have likely barely played them  ^_^  Anyway what this means is that when I get around to taking screenshots of the games I'll be able to take a whole bunch from areas all through the game instead of just 1 or 2 ghetto screens. Finishing a bunch of the games has also revealed lots of staff credits in the later games, so I've recorded those too in a text document.

I don't have a clue whether to start up a shitty little website to post my shit, or just maybe try collaborate with Taizou for neofuji/handheld undergound or whatever. Either way I've still got some games on their way, so i'll wait a bit longer before I decide to scan all the boxes/cards of everything, then after that I can start doing screenshots of the games themselves.

So yeah everyone feel free to discuss anything about this here or ask me questions about shit.

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