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Bootleg Bazaar / WTB: Famicom and other pirates
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:42:23 PM »
45 in 1 JY-120 Famicom (1998)
Dunk Kong (PC)
Super Mario Bros. (Great Giana Sisters hack) Commodore 64

Tristar 64

Pirate Talk / Emulator Consoles
« on: February 22, 2012, 12:24:36 AM »
I'm interested in getting a dedicated emulator console, but don't know which to get. They each have their pros and cons. I have seen video reviews for most of them, but no discussion of comparisons. For portable I was thinking of getting the GBA SP Chinese knock-off.

Here are some of the consoles that I am interested in

GAMEBOX Multi-Game Platform TV Video Game Console with Dual-Shock Joypad Gamepad Set (PAL/NTSC)
Supports MAME, CPS3, CPS2, CPS1, PGM, SFC, MD, PCECD. Although not perfectly according to reviews. Also, no US plug. Would there be a cheap alternative plug for Americans?

ND-3000 Game Station Console Set with USB/SD/HDMI/AV-Out (2GB)
Supports CPS1/CPS2/NeoGeo/GBA series games, but I heard emulation is bad in most games, but has HDMI output.

P1-4000 Game Station Console Set w/ SD/USB/HDMI/AV-Out (4GB
Supports PS1 series games, Flash games, PC version flash 4.0~8.0, flash lite 1.0~3.0, AS1.0~2.0. Well, this one seems to be more advanced, yet lacks some of the other systems. Expandable to 32GB, and also has HDMI.

Anyone have experience with these? What do you think is the best system for emulation? Maybe I'll just stick with my Wii for emulators, and the real carts when possible.

Discussion Center / Hey everyone! New here!
« on: February 19, 2012, 01:49:33 PM »
Thought I would introduce myself here. I'm buzz_n64, I'm a regular over at the digitalpress forums, and I have been visiting this site for a year or two now. My first experience ever with a bootleg was through emulation, found a ROM of Super Donkey Kong 2 for NES in the late nineties and played that sucker with Nesticle. My first pirate item was a Polystation Advance in 2002/2003. I have been a big fan ever since, with my favorites being Mario pirates, other platformers, and beat 'em ups. Glad to be here!

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