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Pirate Talk / Remaining mysteries in bootleg gaming - share yours!
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:08:19 AM »
Hi everyone :) I rarely look at these forums much anymore these days, but I was reminiscing about how much I used to be into pirate gaming the other day and thought I'd make a small topic about some things that after all these years I still have no answer to. These are mostly small things that I'm sure not too many people would pay mind to since it's mostly unproveable or very niche stuff that only hardcore collectors would care about, of which there are only probably less than 10 in the world it feels like  ;D Anyway, let's see if any of this has ever crossed anyone else's minds.

1. Sonic 2 for SNES
Mr. Byte said that this Sparkster hack supposedly got distributed onto cartridge in Argentina. I've yet to ever see a copy show up, though. My best guess is it's been so long that he was remembering incorrectly that it ever shipped, but I'd love to be proven wrong. There's no telling what else was in it like a titlescreen, but going by the work on Sonic 4, it's probably certainly more than my simple sprite hack ROM that's out there. Here's a topic link again in case anyone in confused that the ROM for this game out there is NOT the original:

2. SNES ports
This is another thing that can't really be proven, but I'm very curious what, if any, other SNES ports exist out there. There's been some generally completely unknown surprises that came up in recent years for pirates (i.e. Power Rangers fighter for Genesis, or Squirrel and Aladdin 2000 for SNES). Since so many Genesis ports end up appearing on SNES, it makes me think there's still gotta be more out there. This is a completely baseless mystery and more just a "what if" in this list. Always fun to imagine we can get more stuttery crap with Bonkers music, right?  8)

Not that it means much, and again is completely baseless, but I feel like Mulan, Samurai Spirits II, and Lion King 2 would be prime candidates for other things haphazardly ported to SNES. Still waiting for a surprise one day...

3. Boxes and manuals
I still remember when I first got into pirates, it was honestly because I saw potential in reselling them. But the more and more I found things, the more I realized not only are not many people really trying to collect them CIB, but there's actually (at the time, anyway) not so many pirates where it's known what the original CIB physical media looks like. This is probably one of the only things that keeps me interested in pirates these days, since it seems like most of the games themselves have been found at this point (except for GB/C/A. There's always gonna be stuff for that).

A vast majority of games have at the very least been found with their original boxes, but there's still many for which no box has been ever seen. And we don't need to get started with manuals; even finding one with a boxed game is impossible. It's easy to assume that most of them just didn't come with a box or a manual, or even had either. Let me list some examples of stuff that makes me wonder.

  • Lion King 2 for MD
- I luckily got this off Ruten CIB a few years back and surprisingly, it had a manual (yes, I swear I'll finally get to scanning that someday). I think the vast majority of other Gamtec games on MD had manuals, but this game, AFAIK, is the only Gamtec game based off of someone else's IP that has a manual. Squirrel King, Bubble Bobble, and Tiny Toons 3 have never been seen with one. I'm thinking it's very likely they did, it's just a matter of if they weren't all thrown out and they're lost to time.
  • SNES pirates
- Looking at the wiki, there's actually a good number of these confirmed to have existed. Off the top of my head... Digimon Adventure, Pokemon Gold Silver, Pokemon Stadium, Picachu, A Bug's Life..... But what's never been seen with a box? Well, Squirrel, Dragon Ball Final Bout, Aladdin 2000... It would be nice to get these documented, but like manuals (which not a single boxed SNES pirate has been seen with, to the best of my knowledge), they were always thrown out apparently. Most of this stuff, being distributed to rental stores in South America, were mutilated and turned into sleeves for boxes kinda like Sega Genesis ones that have an insert. It's really a shame...
  • Kart Fighter
- There's gotta be a box for this out there, right? Did Hummer confirm one never was made?

4. Lost pirates
Remember the supposed Terranigma/Tenchi Souzo, aka "Tian Zhi Chuan Zao" port made by Nanjing? If you take one look at the following list you'll see how many unknown (未知) games that were listed in an old Nanjing sales list are still as-of-yet unconfirmed to even exist. I remember when their games were suddenly making wide distribution on Taobao and all over China back around 2009. The fact all of this stuff never showed up tells me they probably made a list of games they knew they could make cheap ports of, but many of them they never got around to. Still, you have to wonder...

There's also some other lost stuff like Cat King which, as far as I'm concerned, definitely didn't make it to production. But you never know with any of this stuff.

Anyone got any of their own?

Bootleg Bazaar / FS: Tiny Toon Adventures 3 for Genesis
« on: December 16, 2017, 01:01:42 AM »
Looking to sell my Tiny Toon 3 cart that provided the ROM dump we all have now. My price I've settled on is $70 since it's a pretty rare game. It never shows up for sale anywhere, so if you've ever wanted it, here's your chance. The box didn't originally come with it and I'm just providing it so it has extra protection. Good condition except the top is a little worn. Not 100% perfect, but nothing terrible.

Pirate Talk / Feels like everything's been found
« on: October 01, 2016, 03:28:56 AM »
So I'm back from the dead. But I remember why I left. Because there's like nothing new out there at all!

Seems everything has been found at this point. Sure, you got those more modern Russian productions going on the MD and FC too I think? But I associate pirate gaming specifically with Taiwanese works of the past, and it doesn't seem like there's anything more to find. In fact, I think the only thing at this point is likely going to be discoveries of more SNES ports of things which weren't well known. And of course, GB games. That system still has a big number of things people don't really know about.

What else can be found for a collector? Well, there are quite a number of FC games I've yet to see CIB, and a couple MD ones. And you practically never see SNES pirates with their original boxes. I've kept an eye on Ruten and check it like once a day consistently for the past several years. Even after disappearing from here, it's just an ingrained habit. And let me tell you, the number of "pirates" (unlicensed, originals, etc) showing up is pretty abysmal now. I still can't believe I've yet to ever see certain titles show up. A CIB copy of Aladdin II for MD seems impossible. Tiny Toons 3 CIB has shown up a few times, surprisingly considering how unseen that game is. You still pretty much never ever see any FC pirates in their original packaging. I still wonder if that elusive Tenchi Souzou (aka Terranigma) for FC from Nanjing really does exist or if the list of Nanjing titles that it's on was just a premature thing released by Nanjing but they never got to making it.

This thread isn't asking a question or seeking opinions or anything really. More just lamenting that there's not much to get excited about in pirate gaming anymore  :lol:

Pirated Game Museum / Lost the pass
« on: October 01, 2016, 03:05:26 AM »
So with Kingpepe's help I was finally able to retrieve my account on these forums. Zero idea what the hell I made my previous password as I tried everything I could possibly imagine.

Anyway, the same unfortunately holds for the Pirated Game Museum wiki. I can't for the life of me recall what the pass possibly was, so the thing is stuck in limbo. I'm surprised to see it still gets some attention, however sparse. There's tons of PSX pirates and even more SNES and FC things out there that could last someone their lifetime trying to document pics for the wiki.

But yeah......anyone got any ideas what I can do? I apparently set the email to some address I don't ever use since doing a request for lost password goes to God only knows what email. I am apparently very disorganized :/

Bootleg Bazaar / MD and GB pirates for sale
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:27:56 AM »
If anyone even uses this forum for sales, here's some stuff you might like. Paypal only, can do international shipping. Gonna just copy-paste this from elsewhere.

Dragon Ball Z Final Bout - $20, unlicensed/pirate based on the PSX fighting game I think. Label is peeling off top.
Soul Blade - $20, another unlicensed/pirate fighter based on the PSX fighter. Good condition save for the stickers on the side.
13 Deck Mahjong - $20, obscure Taiwanese mahjong game.

Digimon Jue Zhuan Pian - $50, obscure Taiwanese original RPG based on the Digimon series. Never have seen it for sale before, and I have no idea if a ROM exists. Game is in Chinese.
Digimon D-4 - $50, yet another RPG based on Digimon. Game is in Chinese.

Mega Drive/Genesis / Are Super Mario 3 and 4 dumped?
« on: November 20, 2013, 01:18:00 AM »
That's about it... Swear I saw the ROMs here before but can't find any topic. Since all the Russian stuff seems to be dumped I take it these were, too.

Bootleg Bazaar / FS: Rockman X3 for MD boxed
« on: November 28, 2012, 08:02:37 PM »

Selling a CIB copy of this (rare?) SNES port for $75. I never see this come up for sale anywhere, let alone boxed, so think this is a fair price. Plus Barver needs money to fund prototypes =p Cart is great condition, box is besides the side I think possibly being a little sunfaded.

Shipping anywhere in the world from California, paypal, money order, whatever you like. Anyone interested, PM me. Also check out my topic here for more stuff if interested :P

Only posting the pirate here, but never know what others may be into.


Pirated Work / Sonic Heroes pirate for SNES
« on: July 19, 2012, 03:52:09 AM »
OK, so it's not a pirate since no one's bootlegged it yet :p This is a hack of Animaniacs for SNES I'm making that replaces everyone with Sonic characters. Should be done in a weeks time I'm guessing, been working on it for a month now. No easy task having to make new sprites from bits and pieces of official sprites. Sonic's been the hardest one too since Yakko's head is so small in comparision, making fitting it into the given tile space difficult.

Anyway, already posted this on so here's a single shot that probably will amuse you(Robotnik still needs to have his body completed).

Unfortunately I can't hack anything past replacing uncompressed sprites. If anyone here happens to be able to help somehow with that lemme know(doubtful, right..?). Can't replace the titlescreen or the world map sprites. Would be sorta neat to somehow replace all level graphics with ones from Sonic game's too, but that's probably asking too much  :lol:

Anyway, if anyone likes Sonic 4 or Sonic 2(the Sparkster hack), look out for this one on pirate carts in Argentina in the future!

The Big Old Arcade / Angry Birds ported to Genesis
« on: July 08, 2012, 12:01:52 AM »
Thought this might interest people, coincidence that a Famicom port came to light today. A guy from China made a homebrew port of Angry Birds for MD and posted it to the SpritesMind dev community. Here's a rom link:

And the original topic:

You can bet Russian piraters are gonna have this on cart soon enough  :lol: Anyway, I've never played Angry Birds myself until this but I saw people mention how the physics aren't all there so I guess it's not perfect, but it looks pretty damn good for what it is already IMO.

The Big Old Arcade / Amiga emulation - help me figure this out guys :x
« on: January 30, 2012, 02:10:54 AM »
Edit: Nevermind, got it working, as typically happens after posting a ranting topic about it. I'll leave this post here just as a record of how annoyed this emulator makes me  :lol:

I've never gotten Amiga emulation working properly. This is the only forum I can imagine you guys won't mind rom links so I can request the following:

I'd really appreciate it if someone could get this game working in WinUAE and tell me step by step what to do. I'm completely hopeless on my own, I've tried forever and just can't get it working at all. Here's what I've done:

You need Kickstart roms first, right?

So I assume the one you need loaded as Main ROM is the Kickstart 3.1. Now according to this site:

Fantasy World Dizzy requires configuration ecs13, which I set by getting the appropriate file and setting it in the emu.

Now I load that config file in WInUAE, have Kickstart 3.1 loaded as Main ROM, and go to the Floppy area and choose DH01 as the .adf file for the game. It doesn't work though, it just goes to an intro from the group who cracked it and after that, pitch black. What could I POSSIBLY IN THE NAME THAT IS ALL HOLY AND GOOD ON THIS GREEN EARTH BE DOING WRONG!!!??  O.o  I even downloaded a program called Lemonade that supposedly configs all games for you so you just click and play, but now when loading the game through that it just keeps making these weird harddrive sounds while nothing happens.

I just need a step by step concise guide, and don't know where else to turn to. I've only ever gotten Amiga CD32 working in the past, in all my years I swear I'll never figure out how to get normal HD games working though. I feel so dumb, so it's come to this.

Someone, Step by Step. For my sanity. I beg of you.

Thanks :x

BootlegGames Wiki / Can we add audio?
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:57:40 AM »
With how much unused stuff there is in some games it makes sense to be able to list a lot of them, just like how the Cutting Room Floor wiki does things. This includes putting up audio for unused songs. It doesn't look like this wiki has that feature, though I see we can put up video. Is there any way to put up audio too?

Game Boy / Two Digimon GBA videos
« on: July 31, 2011, 06:29:55 AM »
So I got two of Sky League's dumps recently but was asked not to distribute them. I was given permission to show video though, so i recorded all the gameplay there is of each.

Digimon Adventure
Kou Dai Yao Guai Zhi Hong Lan Dui Jue

That music in the 2nd game sounds like it was converted from MIDI, almost sounds similar at times to Dreams Come True's Mirai Yosouzu 2, just remixed.

Pirated Game Museum / Most amusing pirate cover/labels you've seen?
« on: July 22, 2011, 12:55:56 AM »
Just to bring back some life, and maybe to encourage submissions(or heck, post them and I'll put them up myself if they're not on the wiki already), this thread is to show off the stupidest or weirdest pirate labels you come across for games.

I'll get the ball rolling with my newest submission after a long absence.

Game Boy / Unknown/Obscure GBA pirates
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:17:57 AM »
I considered putting this in the "What's this" thread, but since it's all GBA it may as well be here so it's more easily findable later =p

As some may know the GBA seems to have lots of still unknown titles out there. I wish we could get some clarity on these.

Lion King 3, this could be just Lion King 1 1/2 with a different label.

And the rest I've found, well just reference this Lost Levels thread: is an abandoned site now unfortunately, but you can still browse it and possibly even find more games they missed. The only one I have any clue about is Aladdin 2, more specifically the Russian version that's says Super Aladdin 2 on the box if you look at that site. I found this auction and asked the seller about it:

According to him it's just a GBC game housed in a GBA casing. I guess he means the official Aladdin port on GBC, but now I have to wonder if this one is different from the other Aladdin 2 that doesn't say Super...

And if anyone is wondering, I looked into Kirby Red Diamond and it's just an NES emulator with Kirby's Adventure. Not a hoax as that guy speculates.

Mega Drive/Genesis / Kirby's Super Star pirate
« on: July 09, 2011, 03:38:10 AM »
I've mentioned it a few times here and there I think but haven't made a topic, so just so it's more "out there"...

Back in around 2001 or so, I found a Japanese website that talked about MD pirates, among them Pokemon Stadium and Kirby's Super Star. Back then, Pokemon Stadium wasn't known at all, but eventually the HazeMD emulator came out and suddenly it was dumped, which reminded me of that website and seeing a supposed Kirby's Super Star also existed. So with that I've gone all this time now assuming that this game does really exist, it's just super rare. But I've yet to find any proof of it at all, besides someone else I know saying he also recalls hearing about it, and even having someone send him a pic of it, though I've yet to get him motivated enough to try to see if he's still got that pic anywhere. I'll try asking him again right now...

Anyway, this is all basically just to make it more known, since I don't know how many people have ever seen me mention this supposed game. For all I know it doesn't exist. If anyone has any contacts or anything, make sure to let them know =p Also keep an eye out yourselves. Bet if it does exist its probably a titlescreen hack of something, but you never know.

Wish I could find the website, but it's probably long gone. All I remember is that it had a pinkish background and I always found it by doing a search for Donkey Kong 99. Probably was a geocities site. If only I knew how to find it through again :/

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