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Announcements & News / Forum has recovered (11-22-2021)
« on: November 22, 2021, 09:28:08 PM »
Earlier today, the forums were down due to mostly unknown reasons (As far as I can tell, it seems to be host-related involving our database. I haven't done any recent changes to the forum that would cause this) and has been recently restored. You may notice posts and threads are missing. Sadly, it turns out the recent database backups all match the one back around October 11th; which was when our host decided to migrate our own hosting. I'll try asking our host tomorrow if they can help sort out something but I can't guarantee anything being restored. I deeply apologize for the events that have occurred today and the loss of whatever forum activity occurred between today and October 11th.

...10 whole years since I've (re)started BootlegGames Wiki on Wikia.

I kind of wish I had something bigger planned for this but I couldn't really think of anything. Yet, I couldn't really let this go by either.

It's been about 10 years since I've (re)created BootlegGames Wiki on Wikia. A little later (July 31st to be exact), me and SpaceNinja88 would create "Pirated Games Central Forum" through Zetaboards. (Obviously this would later become "Bootleg Games Central Forum".) I'm still impressed and yet kind of shocked how much both have grown and changed over the years. I can't say it's always been great, with the likes of Wikia/Fandom constantly changing itself for the worst and having to move the forum because ZetaBoards was getting swallowed up by Tapatalk. (I guess this is kind of the issue with free hosting in general but 15-year-old me didn't really think this through.) Yet, we're still here.

As I've stated, this wasn't the first incarnation of BootlegGames Wiki. SpaceNinja88 and JP Ronny/Awesome Panda were responsible for the original version made on some other free wiki hosting site. (That I can't recall as I write this.) Despite initial interest, it eventually dropped off and was pretty much ditched. Eventually, I had the idea of bringing it back on Wikia. (At the time, it seemed way better than the previous site we used.) I thought there still needed to be a proper site to detail unlicensed and bootleg games and I was allowed to take the old name.

In regards to this forum, many of the old members like myself were a part of an old forum known as RX Community. RX Community also had its dedicated bootleg games section at the time. However, CrashManEXE/BrydoRX (the admin of the site) was getting rather sick of people joining only just to talk about bootlegs. (He wanted RX Community to be more of a general community forum.) This gave me and SpaceNinja88 the idea to create the Pirated Games Central Forum, adopting the name from SpaceNinja88's old blog under the similar name. (Pirated Games Central)

I would like to thank everyone who has either contributed to both the wiki and the forum over the years. The wiki and the forums themselves wouldn't have made it so far if it wasn't thanks to all of you. Even simply participating or just making the most simple (and yet helpful) edit on the wiki means a lot to me.

Some particular people I would like to give a shoutout too:
-CrashmanEXE/BrydoRX - Basically for getting me into bootleg games to begin with. I came across his gameplay videos on bootleg games long ago which has sparked my interest in these kinds of games to begin with.
-SpaceNinja88/Underground Revolution and JP Ronny/Awesome Panda - Not only for starting the original Bootleg Games Wiki, but also for their help on the wiki and the forums for the early days.
-Taizou and MLX - You two have been a big help since the beginning in regards to maintaining the wiki and helping with the forums. I also really appreciate both of your preservation efforts as of late as well.

Announcements & News / E-Mail Issues
« on: September 04, 2019, 07:57:32 PM »
If you've used a hotmail/live e-mail to sign up with an account, chances were you weren't receiving any e-mails. It turns out they were filtering out our e-mails before it could even get to the inbox. Recently, I've switched the e-mail used in these messages and it should be working now. (However, I've had it end up in the junk mail folder so you may want to whitelist us to prevent that from happening)

If you use a different e-mail and have not gotten e-mails from us, try it now and check your spam folders just in case. If this issue seems to persist, let me know.

Announcements & News / Zetaboards moving to Tapatalk
« on: May 18, 2018, 12:58:49 PM »
So apparently, ZetaBoards is planning to move over to the Tapatalk platform. I'm not sure when these changes are going to be rolled out but all I know is I can't do anything to stop this. I know of another forum who moved to the Tapatalk platform (Invision moved over to Tapatalk earlier) and all I know is the topic and the posts will remain and shouldn't be removed. However, the overall look of the forum will change (in my opinion, for the worst, it's all white and bland but that's besides the point).

I'm currently monitoring the situation with ZetaBoards and Tapatalk and if anything comes up regarding it, I'll post about it here. (Although in the case I missed something, feel free to post it)

BootlegGames Wiki / Fighting Game Moveset layouts
« on: March 14, 2018, 09:15:36 PM »
I've kind of came to a realization I should have set up a standard for writing out movesets for characters in fighting games, as the layout is quite inconsistent among all the articles. (Admittedly, I am guilty of this as well). I'm going to be using Wikitext in order to write out the formatting.

First off, make a section titled "Characters". (without quotes) Then use this wikitext template to add characters:
'''[Name]''' ([Alternate names])
*[Move Name] - [Command] (Repeat this line for additional special moves)
([Additional Notes])

[Name] ([Alternate names]) - Names should be in bold, including any alternate names. Alternate names would be used to refer to localized names, alternate/incorrect names etc.
  • Exception: If the alternate name is the character's name in a different language, that version of the name does not need to be bolded.

[Move Name] - If the move has an official name, use it. If not, try to describe the move with basic terms. When it comes to attacks that require meter, it would be a good idea to discern between them either mentioning they are a Super Attack (or whichever would be the equivalent name if the game in question is a port) or mentioning the amount of meter they require.

[Command] - This wiki is obviously not dedicated to fighting games specifically. Commands should be written out as if you would be trying to describe them to someone with little knowledge of fighting game technical terms.
  • Direction notation - Use the specific directions required to perform the move. (Example: Ryu's Hadouken command would be written as Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Any Punch) Don't shortcut them (D, DF, F, Punch), don't use joystick motions (Quarter Circle Forward, Any Punch or QCF, Punch), don't use numpad notation (236, Any Punch). Try to include all of the directions in the motion. (However, some may not detect all the directions. For example, Hummer Team's fighting games usually skip diagonals in its command system. If you don't want to get technical and figure out how exactly the game's commands need to be performed, just write the full motion.) Charge commands should tell the reader to hold back the first direction for an estimated amount of time (use seconds as a unit of time, not frames). As always, don't forget to bold the specific directions.
    • I don't recall any games on the wiki using these but if there's a full circle command such as a 360 (EX: Zangief's Spinning Piledriver) that can be performed from any direction, just use "360" or how many full rotations in degrees is required.
  • Button notation - If the controls are not remappable, follow the game's own console's buttons. Otherwise, follow what the game calls them. If the game is a port, avoid using the original button notations. (Example: Street Fighter refers to the buttons as Light, Heavy, Fierce, Short, Forward, Roundhouse) If the game has multiple punches/kicks assigned to buttons and the special move can be performed with any punch button or any kick button, just state "Any Punch"/"Any Kick". For attacks that require multiple button presses (Chun-Li's Lightning Legs), just write "Press <insert button here> repeatedly". (These moves may have a specific amount of presses required to be performed like in actual fighting games which if you can figure those out, you can totally write that in instead. If not, use the example.) As always, don't forget to bold the specific directions.

  • Stringing them together - Use commas (,) to string together directions or buttons that have to be input separately. (EX: Down, Down-Forward, Forward) If the move can be performed by pressing/holding multiple directions/buttons at the same time, string the directions/buttons with pluses (+). (EX: Forward + A + B). As a simple rule, with commands that require a motion and then a button, the last direction and the button are stringed together with a plus. (As in fighting games you usually perform the last part of the command by holding a direction and pressing a button. It's also normally written out like that to begin with) There may be some exceptions to this depending on the controls but that's on a more technical level and isn't required. Usually commas and pluses get put in bold if they're between directions/buttons.

  • Conditions - If the move requires a specific condition to be performed, write it out. However, conditions don't need to be put in bold.

  • Exceptions - If the move's command is just completely unusual in the way it's performed (Example: Ryu's and Ken's Shoryuken and Sagat's Tiger Uppercut in Super Fighter III), just write out how to perform it and bold the necessary directions and commands.
[Additional Notes] - If there's any weird quirks or attributes about the character during the fight, that can be written here. No real special formatting is required or anything.

Moves to include
Special Attacks - Obvious. For those that aren't aware of what these are, these are more advanced attacks than basic attacks such as throwing projectiles, performing a multi-hitting attack, a move that makes the player travel a great amount of distance, etc.
  • Cony's Mortal Kombat II made some of the common basic attacks from the original Mortal Kombat use special moves commands and are universal to the whole cast. In cases like these, it would be better off pointing those out in the Characters section before listing all the characters.

Command Basics - These are moves with their own commands (usually simplified compared to special attacks) that are on par with basic attacks (Chun-Li's Head Stomp for example) or are techniques that are only unique to that character. (Example: Wall-jumping, air throws) These moves don't need to be differentiated from special attacks at all.
  • If you can, it would be preferable to put the basic commands before the special attacks. However, it can be hard to differentiate them. Sometimes ports tend to turn what were once basic attacks/basic commands into special moves (In Master Fighter VI', Dhalsim's Yoga Spear and Yoga Mummy obtain special move commands and make him jump into the air first) or a special move may have a much more simplified command (In Kart Fighter and AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting, both Peach and Janifer have special attacks that can also be performed by holding Back + Kick). If you're unsure, don't worry about the order so much.
  • In a weird twist, sometimes ports may make what was once a universal mechanic among characters into something only unique to a few characters. An example of this is Cony's Street Fighter II Pro not giving all characters a throw. In a case like this, the throws would be considered a command basic and can be written in for the character.
  • Speaking of Cony, in order to get most of the basic attacks from Street Fighter II onto a two-button system, they decided to make it you have to hold forward/backwards to perform these attacks. These don't need to be added, as there would be way too many to cover.
Super Attacks - These moves require meter from a bar and are generally the player's strongest attacks. If you list these, don't make a separate section but differentiate these for the move name as stated above.

Exceptions for not including movelists
The only time a moveset shouldn't be included is if the move commands seem to be nearly universal for all characters. A good example of this is Hummer Team's Mortal Kombat II Special where with the exception of Shang Tsung, all the characters use the same commands. In this case, it's often better to list off the move commands (and exceptions) within the overview.

Example of some articles using this template:

Famicom/NES dumps / KingPepe's Palace of ROMs
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:01:41 PM »

Yeah, this is the same old Duck game you know. The difference? This was dumped from the original cart. The current (Unl) ROM floating around has no copyrights (either it originated from a repro or a HES multicart).


Announcements & News / BootlegGames Wiki's 7th anniversary
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:45:58 PM »
I've never really done anything regarding PGC Forum's or BGW's anniversaries before but after looking back, I'm surprised how long they've been going so far.

Seven years ago, I decided to take a dead wiki, move it to a much better wiki software (at the time) and basically revived it.

Before then, there was no centralized documentation for information regarding bootleg games. All the info was scattered over the internet across various sites and forums. Also thanks to the dubious nature of these games and companies, a lot of them weren't always out in the open about their practices. Wikipedia didn't really cover much of them; it was only dedicated to the more known games. (At the time that would be the likes of Somari and Kart Fighter)

Me and several others were part of RX Community; a community forum run by CrashmanEXE/BrydoRX. There, we had a section dedicated to bootleg games. While we were making discoveries and discussing about these games, it was just a small forum and even so, it wasn't entirely dedicated to bootleg/unlicensed games. We eventually decided we need a wiki to put all this information on. JP Ronny and SpaceNinja originally made one on some wiki software whose name I've forgotten at the moment. I was one of the people helping with articles and making edits at the time. However, I remember the wiki software at the time being pretty awful with its pay model; it was bad to the point where you needed to pay to put up on your own logo. After a while, the wiki eventually became inactive.

I didn't want to let that idea go. I felt as we needed a site to put all this information in and to properly educate these people about bootleg and unlicensed games.

At the time, I've noticed Wikia looked like a decent enough software to use and it had enough freedom to let us do whatever we could with the wiki. I figured it'd be great to start the wiki there. Once I created it, I began porting the articles over, handed the previous members bureaucrat and administrator positions and it went on from there. It's still growing to this day. We've been constantly cited for our information and discoveries involving these kinds of games. It even led to making Pirated Games Central Forums as well as the (now dead) IRC channel and Discord server. Eventually, RX Community would close down due to the admin having issues with running the forum. However, BootlegGames Wiki and Pirated Games Central Forums still remain to this day and I would never dare to close either of them.

Before I end this post, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported this wiki whichever way you could. This wiki would not have made it this far without any of you people. I am sincerely grateful for all of your help with all your contributions and getting our word out there.


Mega Drive/Genesis / Ka Sheng, X Boy and those IDs
« on: March 10, 2017, 06:38:06 PM »
I was discussing this with a few others in the PGC Discord chat regarding this after checking out some of the topics like these two: (also curse you imageshack)

And here's a list of IDs I've gathered based around these games:
ES-xxxxx: (nabbed from Barver, possibly the original releases, I'll explain soon)
ES48001 Sonic Jam 6
ES48002 Mario Bros 2
ES48003 Hercules
ES12801 Mortal Kombat 5
ES12802 Pocket Monster

And now, the Chinese name IDs:
BK001 Pocket Monster (比卡超, Bi Ka Chao)
CC001 A Bug's Life (蟲蟲特工隊, Chong Chong Te Gong Dui)
JG001 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (金剛戰士, Jin Gang Zhan Shì)
TQ001 Tekken 2 vs Virtua Fighter (铁拳, Tie Quan)
BK002 Pocket Monster 2 (same as Pocket Monster)
QL-003 Dragon Ball Final Bout (七龍珠 - Qi Long Zhu)
TQ003 Tekken Special (Same as Tekken 2 vs Virtua Fighter)
DL004 Hercules 2 (大力神, Da Li Shen)
DJ004 Super Donkey Kong 99  (大金刚, Da Jin Gang)
SZ006 The Lion King 2 (獅子王, Shi Zi Wang)
DH007 Soul Blade (刀魂 - Dao Hun)
WS007 Samurai Spirits II (武士精神, Wu Shì Jīng Shen)
ZR009 Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII (真人快打, Zhen Ren Kuai Da) (This is Mortal Kombat's Chinese name, it's probably using this ID because of the MK in its name)
ZR010 Mortal Kombat 5 (The ID for Top Fighter applies to this)
YS-013 Sonic Jam 6 (音速, Yin Su)
CJ028 Super Mario World (that Squirrel King hack) (超級馬里奧, Chao Ji Ma Li Ao)

Unmarked or Unknown games (or ones I can't find any significant markings with)/X Boy-only label
Aladdin II
Lion King 3 (Has X Boy mark)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
Mulan (Has X Boy mark)
Pocket Monster II
Pokemon Stadium
Rockman X3
Samurai Spirits II
Soul Edge VS Samurai Spirits
Tekken 3 Special
The King of Fighters 98
The King of Fighters 99
Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2

Ka Sheng as a Mega Drive publisher?
So as probably most people know about Barver Battle Saga, there's an easter egg in the game where pressing A+B+C+Start shows the logos for Ka Sheng and Shin-Shin Electronics. For the most part, no one was sure what to make of it, especially since Ka Sheng and Shin-Shin Electronics seemed to mostly care the Famicom.

As I mentioned above though, there's also Barver's topic regarding Pocket Monster and how it Ka Sheng's name on it. (Imageshack took out the image but thanks to JP Ronny, here's an upload of the box. Here's also a shot of the cart. The name on the cart is different: in Cantonese this comes out to "Kaat Sing" and Ka Sheng (or Ka Sing in Cantonese) were originally located in Hong Kong) So this would make two games that appear to be affiliated with Ka Sheng. Both games also use the High Seas Havoc sound driver, the former originally developed by Chuanpu.

However, Pocket Monster has a year of 2000 on its box. That seems like quite a gap between 1996 and 2000, doesn't it? Well, this gap is probably much smaller than that. You might have noticed Pocket Monster uses one of those ES IDs. It's possible all these ES IDs could belong to Ka Sheng and they just didn't put their name on everything else. Another common element these ES-ID'd games had is their carts keep advertising a fake memory size; Sonic Jam 6 and Super Mario Bros 2 say 48M, Hercules 2 says 64M, and Mortal Kombat 5 and Pocket Monster say 128M (They basically seem to grow over time). With that in mind, Sonic Jam 6's original cart also has the year 1998 so this closes the gap tighter. As for why there was no Sega Mega Drive games in 1997 from them... I wish I knew about that. Maybe they couldn't afford another development team at that point? (At this point, they had Hummer Team and Ei-How Yang while the other EX-Sachen team was on their way out with Super Donkey Kong 2.)

Another thing I would like to note is Hummer Team's King of Fighters 96 came out around 1998; their last original game sold while they were still together. Titenic was being developed around this time (also Mortal Kombat 4 crept up with Titenic's object list in the code) but Ka Sheng halted its release because the Famicom market was declining. Of course, they kept releasing carts afterwards but they never had any new original games. Maybe Ka Sheng was planning to focus mostly on original Mega Drive games?

X Boy and those Chinese name IDs
X Boy slapped their name on a few Mega Drive releases; notably Mulan, Lion King 3 and Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII... the last one actually having a Chinese name ID on it! Could this mean all the others are X Boy releases?

However, notably not all of these marked games are original; most of them appear to be reprints of the ES-numbered games! (also The Lion King 2 for... some reason) Some of the ES releases reuse the same art but changed it around (One example being Pocket Monster's reprint replacing Ka Sheng's logo with "2000") and the original stuff X Boy published seems to be by the same team. So maybe Ka Sheng (or whoever) got absorbed by X Boy?

At first, I was thinking the IDs would be in order but there are a few issues with the list. First off, there's quite a few gaps within the list itself. Maybe some of the unmarked games have IDs like these and I haven't seen them? There's also a few duplicated numbers too; Pocket Monsters and A Bug's Life are both 001 while Hercules and Super Donkey Kong 99 are both 004. There's also a weird oddity with the Hercules 2 reprinted box: it still has the ES number on it! Maybe this was possibly an error X Boy didn't catch? Also Super Donkey Kong 99's name presents another issue because the IDs lower in it appear to be from 2000. (Hercules keeps the Hi Game 1999 text but that could've been the fact it just kept the original box art) Maybe Super Donkey Kong 99 had trouble getting a release?

Also this is on the minor side but this particular Pocket Monster II cart has an oval on it but nothing inside it. Maybe Pocket Monster II had an X Boy release and this reprint just took out the ID?

EDIT:Another oddity is this Sega Retro page on Dragon Ball: Final Bout mentions a 1998 release. This is actually on BootlegGames Wiki (as well as the 2000 release) so the X Boy version is obviously a reprint. However, I don't see an ES serial on it.
Made an update regarding Dragon Ball: Final Bout and added Super Mario World (Squirrel King) to the list based on this:

EDIT 2: Added more IDs thanks to bgr, even more duplicates...

Super Famicom/SNES dumps / Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
« on: February 12, 2017, 11:28:09 PM »
I'm reposting this from a BootlegGames Wiki edit that I had to take out because it violated the Terms of Use.

(For any of those unaware, this is just a hack of X-Men vs. Street Fighter for the SNES)

Famicom/NES dumps / Werrock's Dumps
« on: April 03, 2016, 12:11:22 PM »
This is for the games that Werrock has already dumped.

Gluk the Thunder Warrior:

This is a hack of Thunder Warrior by TXC that was released in Spain. If you played Thunder Warrior, then you've played this. However, the character in this hack here is actually a mascot of a Spanish distributor known as Gluk Video. This company was responsible for distributing NTDEC and TXC games within Spain. You can read more about them here:

Announcements & News / PGC Discord Channel
« on: March 23, 2016, 12:02:11 PM »
Yeah, you read that right; Pirated Games Central now has a Discord channel! For those that don't know what Discord is, it's basically a text and voice chat application (that's supposed to be dedicated toward gaming but eh) which also allows you to open up your own public channels. This will pretty much replace the IRC channel we used to have so feel free to stop by and hang out!

Join here:

BootlegGames Wiki / Protected Articles
« on: June 04, 2015, 09:36:24 PM »
This is a list of articles that are currently under protection. When an article is under protection, certain users can't edit them. If you wish to add info to this article but you can't add, contact me, taizou or MLX.

Semi-Protected (Only unregistered members or registered members whose accounts are not 4 days or older can't edit)
  • None

Fully Protected (Only admins can edit)
  • Mario Pirate Hacks

Announcements & News / Rule Change Regarding Spam
« on: March 01, 2015, 03:40:50 PM »
All right, maybe I should've done it before but I should elaborate on this a bit more:
No spamming. - Obviously don't need to go over this.[/quote]

This also means you should NOT go into the thread whose topic you know nothing about and stating you do not know or you're unfamiliar while having absolutely nothing to contribute to the thread. When you do this, your post is completely useless and has nothing at all to add on the discussion, thus making it the equivalent of spam. Unless you have some info or an idea to add or you're responding to a question in the thread, do not walk into a thread and say "I don't know.".

BootlegGames Wiki / Rules (Last Update: 2/16/2017)
« on: November 11, 2014, 11:35:39 AM »
BootlegGames Wiki now officially has a help page!:

This page contains the wiki's rules as well as guidelines for creating an article and uploading files. Anyone old or new to the wiki should read this rules.

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