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Title: FS: Some unlicensed GBC stuff
Post by: Pepper-98 on April 03, 2019, 03:09:33 PM
Title says it all; shipping not included in price but is available worldwide and will be handled in DMs. Can give comprehensive games list if needed for multis.

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29-in-1 Multi: Scan isn't great but it's literally just the same rumble cart as this one: (  $15 ON HOLD
Digimon 2002 6: Charming BBD platformer where you play as Agumon or Biyomon. $15
128-in-1: Multi with Pokemon Adventure, Super Mario 4, spiderman, bugs bunny, centipede, dr mario, heiankyo alien, kwirk, serpent, spot, football and cool ball. $10
Harry Potter 2: BBD platformer. Undumped english variant with different intro font but otherwise the same game. $15
Pokemon Jade (RPG): Telefang hack but in chinese. $10
JUAN 15-in-1 multi: features Mewtwo Strikes Back, makon's Pokemon Jade, mummy returns and spiderman 2 (which won't load for some reason, at least on my gba), and some mono stuff like smurfs 2 and bust a move. $15
2003 Digimom Saphii: BBD clone of Mario Bros DX with bub/croc as protagonist. $15

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Auto-Upturn: Famicom version in a green box with english manual. Flip around tiles to reveal dragons, santa and...boobs. $40

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Taiwan 16 Mahjong: Earlier print cart of one of Sachen's first games. $10

Sidewinder: earlier print joy van shooter in a yellow case. Has a hidden chinese chess ad on the back. $10
Title: Re: FS: Some unlicensed GBC stuff
Post by: Pepper-98 on April 04, 2019, 07:47:32 AM
Bump, new items up.