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Title: I need help running a "Recent" Somari Cartridge
Post by: sonichacker on June 21, 2018, 05:39:53 PM
Hey everyone, I am new here but I do have a intrest in Bootlegs so I have came to ask you guys about this issue I am having with a modern generic Somari cartridge I brought sometime in 2015/early 2016. (The reason why I am posting this in 2000 - Present and not 1993 - 1999 is because this is a new modern print of the game)

I remember getting this cartridge (Picture will be attached in post) on Ebay for around £6 (I'm british) and it comming from Poland. I remember thinking I was scammed (like I once later was with a Showbiz Pizza Token) because it took around 2 or 3 months to come. But when it arrived I was so happy, because I genuinely like Somari from the times I had played it on a Emulator.

As scumbaggish as this may sound I could not play the game on a real NES or Famicom due to my NES breaking (My dog ran across the wire and it fell and just won't work anymore) so I had to do it using a retrobit NES to SNES adapter and a Famicom to NES circuit board by Honey Bee. This set up worked for all my famicom games so I don't know why it didn't work for my Somari cartridge, most of the time it either displayed a black screen, green screen or white screen.

I do however know that the game is on there. By playing one of my famicom games and taking out the cart while its running and putting in the Somari cart I can load some of the sprite data, while doing this with Magical Taruruto-kun Fantastic World!! I was able to see some of "Somari" himself on the games title screen.

I have also heard to get these modern bootlegs to work you need to own a Famiclone and they will not run on a orginal NES or Famicom.

So since I am too lazy to take a picture of the back I will write what it says on there:
"Avoid exposing cartr dge to extreme temperature"
"Be careful not to immerse cartridge in water."
"For protection, when cartridge is noe in use, place cartridge inside protective plastic case."
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I have also seen this cart on a page where the guy did get it to work: (

I will probably eventually post a video of my set up and my attempts at trying to get the game to work here eventually, but for now I will just include a picture of the front of my cart. (If anyone knows who made it I would be greatful.)
(Also sidenote: Sorry if this was alot to read, I do have an issue with typing really long posts however I wanted to get as much detail into this post as I could see reasonable.)

Title: I need help running a "Recent" Somari Cartridge
Post by: Azathoth on June 22, 2018, 04:27:34 AM
If it's one of those carts that won't work in a real NES you'd assume it would work in the NOAC inside that Retrobit adapter, although I've never read confirmation of that particular model.

Almost these newer bootlegs use the same cheap flashrom chips. As crazy as it sounds, I have had multiple instances of shipping carts to Germany from the USA and them arriving dead. I'm almost 100% positive they were fried when passing through Deutschland customs, maybe by whatever equipment they have to x-ray packages. It was only to Germany, and only on MD carts that used that particular ROM chip.
Title: I need help running a "Recent" Somari Cartridge
Post by: sonichacker on June 22, 2018, 06:08:37 AM
(I have realized that these images are quite huge, I apologize for that, due to this all images will be listed as a Spoiler)
I took two more images, one of the "Magical Taruruto-kun Fantastic World!!" glitch were on the title screen I could see some of Somaris face
and so I know atleast on this rom there is graphic data for the game.
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And the other image is from inside the cart since there is a small hole where the connector is.
This cart appears to have 2 eprom chips and 1 glob-top (I don't even get how glop-top chips work).
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I have also done some research of other bootleg carts and the shell appears to be very similar if not the same to those of the "Coolboy" multicarts
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Except instead of Yellow the cart is Orange
(May not be correct with colorings I am colorblind)

I have seen some famiclones with these carts for sale and I am now wondering if I should get one to play this game and possibly other bootlegs I may collect in the future.

If people want I will post images of the Retro-bit Retroport SNES to NES adaptor which is what I am using to play my NES/Famicom games