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Title: Gameplay of PX-3600?
Post by: DensestPotato on December 25, 2017, 05:28:05 AM
So i had the well known ripoff of the Xbox, the PX-3600, yeah it was just a gift i swear, i knew it was just a collection of nes games. Anyways, my AC adapter broke and i threw it away cause i thought "they sell these like candy"...not anymore though. I had hopes that the battery pack on this thing was real and that i would be able to make it work, but fun fact its just a piece of plastic, no wiring at all. So i then had the brilian idea to use the nes AC adapter, i mean its a famiclone afterall, i got a black screen with flashing white lines and white (or black) noise, it also smelled terribly, but i dont know if it got burned or if its just the cheap plastic being cheap (although it is said that using wrong ac adapters can burn your console, so i wasnt to keen on doing it too much and starting chinese hell). So far there are only like...two or three gameplay videos on youtube (one in Greek and one in Brazilian) but they are all in bad quality and both kids think its some real advanced system so i wouldnt bother to ask for screenshots or anything. I did find gameplay of the clone of the clone (the one with 57000 games instead of 36000) but i cant seem to find it anymore, so if anyone has this one, please bother to add a screenshot or video on a soon to be created page on the fandom site.